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BEST of the REST - BYOT Has One Opening

BEST of the REST - BYOT Has One Opening

Cooperstown XII spin-off, Fave Team inspired league, where arguably the 12 "hardest" franchises to win a ring with in Fave Teams leagues converge together in one place.

Entering our third season, each year we redraft franchises based on finish, and all owners must be each team once. (Similar to the very popular Best of the Best favorite teams customs)

The catch is you have the franchise's entire player pool to build your 35-man roster from.

New owner will have the Toronto Blue Jays to construct this season, but may choose their own teams in future seasons.

Cutoff is 1969-2018, with the Year of the Pitcher and the Twins and ChiSox glut of 60's pitching ignored altogether, and to keep league as competitive and balanced as possible.

Give me a shout if you're interested. Active vets preferred, as the goal is for all owners to STAY year after year.