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14:1 ??

14:1 ??

14 1871-present Fave Tm Autos open.

1 1965-present Fave Tm Autos open.

Why the huge gap ?

Re: 14:1 ??

Fav teams used to fill pretty fast - none of the 1871-present teams are close and every time the 65-present league fills, someone drops out. Usually, when a new season is added to the mix, these leagues fill - I have no clue why they aren't now.

- The Sheik

Re: 14:1 ??

I never cared for the 65-present leagues. Tried it but didn't like it.

I think with the Cubs and Giants being added with the Yankees as 3 teams only teams has hurt the game.

I understand the Yankees being 3 teams but the other 2 weren't that dominant.

Lately it seems the Dodgers and Cards are being used more and winning because in the 3 team format, you're always missing something that you can gain with those teams.

Really, I've never seen a Mariners, Rangers, D-Backs, or Padres team even make the playoffs.

Re: Re: 14:1 ??

I prefer the 65+ leagues,since it allows to to make a lot more team competitive...

+ competition level is great in there...

I don't really enjoy the 1871+ because a very few amount of teams combination are competitive in there...

Pretty sure if a good amount of the 1871 are switched to 1965+, they would fill in no time...

Or why not putting some other variations like 1980+ with 5 years per teams ? 2000+ with 5years per team,etc...