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Crazy Ads

Crazy Ads

Anybody else get the "Why Jesus didn't exercise" ad? Or how about the "Do you approve of Donald Trump" ad where the NO box didn't function? I commonly see Nancy Pelosi's face on a mortgage ad. Also, the "Manscape" electric razor (not for your face) is pretty humorous.

Speaking of the government, has anyone got their check yet? I haven't.

"Check" this out (warning: multiple f-bombs):

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Soooooo.....why do you call yourself crackpot?

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You're free to tell me what to do Jim Griddy, just as I am free to completely ignore anything you say.

So, yeah, as I was saying, I don't know anyone that's gotten a check. None of my friends, no family, no neighbors. And even if we did get a check, it's hardly enough to pay the rent, buy food, pay bills, etc etc. Did you hear Trump wanted to have his signature on all the checks? They had to go through a bunch of nonsense to disabuse him of yet another ridiculous, asinine idea. Maybe he was just being sarcastic again. He is prone to that, like when he mused about looking into injecting bleach to cure Covid 19. Such a funny guy! I for one appreciate the levity of a good joke in the middle of a crisis.
Did anyone notice that thing where a bunch of senators sold stocks right after they were briefed on the impending shutdowns but before any public announcement was made? Senators on both sides of the aisle, too - not just Republicans. The DNC is just as dirty and villainous as the RNC, they just screw us with crooked smiles on their faces, promising to help poor people then turning around and doing the exact opposite.

When are we gonna wake up and kick them to the curb? They are walking all over us and have been since the end of WWII.

Probably the only way to get rid of all the corruption is have the military stage a coup. I don't look forward to all the rules they'd impose, but it would be an improvement than the massive transference of wealth to the super rich that's going on at this very moment.

At what point does the acquisition of wealth become diagnosible as an antisocial disorder? They probably should have given it a listing way back in the 80's when Reagan instituted "trickle down" economics - and kept at it long after it was proven not to work.

How sick do you have to be to see millions in poverty and feel justified having a billion dollars in the bank? It's a demented mindset, like serial-killer level sickness when considering all the preventable illnesses resulting in early death that they've caused with their hoarding behavior.

Bezos' wealth:

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Guys - no more politics or there will be bans. This is not the place.