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Crying poverty

Crying poverty

Was thinking of something the other day. For years we have heard owners cry poverty and say they need public funding for stadiums , lease deals etc. Yet now we are going on a 2nd year with no fans , no concessions , parking or suite revenue but the players are still getting paid record breaking contracts , so where is the money coming from and how long can this model last?

Re: Crying poverty

These NFL owners have so much $$ it's crazy, maybe one of them could step up and pay for JWBSAVAGE's League renewal

Just thinkin

Re: Crying poverty

TV, Cable, Merchandising. Players contracts were pro-rated.

Variable costs of managing ball parks & games were eliminated. Phillies cut salaries of full-time staff 30% last season and then cut staff positions by approx 30% after last season.

Their 'losses' are mostly lost revenues - an opportunity cost surely but not nearly as bad as actual operating costs.

They are billionaires. They will survive. The lowest paid employees are crushed; many of the businesses that are part of the econosphere around a ballpark will shutter. MLB owners will rebound nicely within two years of having fans back in the seats.

There are so many people in this mix that deserve your concern. Owners and players are not high on that list.

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If you want an example of how big a cash cow owning a sports franchise is look up the story of the Kentucky Colonels of the ABA. In 1977 when the NBA took on the nuggets, spurs , pacers and nets they also offered the owners of the kentucky colonels a share of the nba's revenue in perpituity , meaning forever. At the time the nba was struggling, their finals games didnt even air live. of course as you all know magic and larry changed all that and now the former owners make millions every year for doing nothing. good work if you can get it