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Average Innings Pitched Per Game Starte

Average Innings Pitched Per Game Starte

Curt Schilling in 1992 completed 10 games! That's 10 games, which is unheard of today.

That said, his endurance on this website is 95 for 1992. This is because he served as a reliever part of the time.

Should extra weight be added to average innings pitched per games started? I would say yes! There is no way anyone could complete a game if they use 1992 Curt Schilling unless by luck - ie extending him beyond his pitch count of 95 and not getting shelled.

I understand the way this website calculates endurance is through the average innings per game metric. Problematic if the stretched out starter can complete games at will.

Hence a proposition that if you change a starter to a reliever, the EN will change to the avg IP per RELIEF appearance. To starter, EN would change to the avg IP per START.

Make sense?


Re: Average Innings Pitched Per Game St

Good point. I do this when creating prospects for my leagues. I look Avg IP per GAMES STARTED for SP and IP/Gm for RP. Otherwise, like you said, a guy's overall stamina takes a hit simply because of how his manager decided to use him.