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Consistently losing in all leagues!

Consistently losing in all leagues!

I've been playing all summer. I've run about 10 teams combined, since I began till now, in all auto leagues. For the life of me I cannot put together a contender. I'm beyond pissed and discouraged. How much skill can actually go into this??? In one certain league, Best of 90s, , it's my 2nd go around. The 1st time I may have won 70 games. Players like Mvgwire, Bonds, P.Martinez, Clemens, Sosa, etc lot it up. NOW.....i have McGwire, Pedro, Clemens, Palmeiro, and I'm frigging 1-6 with Pedro and Clemens both 0-2 with 4 digit ERAs! It's ridiculous. What the hell is the deal?????

Re: Consistently losing in all leagues!

looking at your 1970-present league, you need to improve your defense badly...

McGwire best season is it's 2000, he has a better dwar... a full 2.0 improvement, a better ops and a better fire number,

Roger Clemens best season is it 's 1986.... a better whip, a better H per 9.

If you look at compare accross leagues, you will just see that Roberto Clement e isn 't performing, and he gives you no defensive upside either... Ichiro is a free agent, he will slightly hit better, but he will give a strong defesive upside and a speed upside too.

Jose Deleon and Tim Lincecum are both avalaible in free agency, they both have if you look at their compare across leagues an above .500 winning pct, meaning their performance will translate in more wins than Cliff Lee and Curt Schilling...

Pedro Martinez is a stud...he should be your ace, not your fith starter

Kanley Jansen is your best reliever, and one of the leagues best, no reason for him to be in the minors....

Edgar Martinez is a DH, don't play players out of position, Chipper Jones can surely assume 3b duty, you may wan't to change Chipper Jones season to a better defensive one from the 2000's... you have the difficult task of picking between Palmeiro or Martinez as your DH... maybe a lefy righty platoon at DH is the way to go....

you have a good potential team there....

Re: Consistently losing in all leagues!

Are you referring to the 1970s to present league where you are 2-5?

I only spent a second looking at the team, but your hitter in the 9 hole is better than your lead-off man.

Re: Re: Consistently losing in all leag

In deed, Furcal should leadoff and Castillo hit 9th...

Judge may have problems vs Rhp, platooning him with JD Drew can be a good fit

Clemens 1986 season

this rotation should kep you above .500 with good defense and a wee balance lineup...

You have a dominat bullpen... dont put Rivera as your closer, sim is not considering it career consitency, Jansen should close, Charlton should be in the minors, if you absolutely wan't a lefty, then get Ryan in there for Rodriguez

1)Furcal SS
2)Ichiro Cf
3)Jones 2008 season Better defense, still great offense
4)McGwire 2000seasn(not a defensive liability,awesome pop
5)Pujols lf (defensive concern)
6)Edgar Martinez

Make sure to have pinch runner on the bench, Palmeiro ready to pinch hit and you have a playoff cotender there....

You should be active in the waiver claims or you may get these players stolen....

Re: Consistently losing in all leag

But no one answered how much skill can actually go in this?

Re: Re: Consistently losing in all leag

I told you to not play any players out position...for no offensive reason at all.

The only time you can do it is to improve your defense...

There is one swift move you can do and it can pay off.

Castillo at 2nd is giving you no upside + he hits 9th, and there is no solution available at 2nd base...

You can get Furcal to play second base instead. He will make a lot of errors.But his bat is great and still have a decent Dwar that won't hurt you...

You can then go and grab oOzzie Smith in free agency, and play him at ss, switch to a season where he is 4,79 dwar... this is quite phenomenal.... You don't need to generate offense out of your 9th spot, but Ozzie Smith glove will make you win more games than any 9th hitter in this league...don't be scared if doesn't hit, he will be there for his glove...and strictly is glove...

Re: Consistently losing in all leag

Thanks alot. But I don't recall playing anyone at a position other than their 2 primary positions.

Re: Re: Consistently losing in all leag

Thanks. Pedro was 1st starter, or at least 2nd, but one of my first few games, while only carrying 5 RP, I got shelled and CPU used a SP in pen. I had to shuffle things and he ended up in 5th slot.

Re: Consistently losing in all leagues!

Thanks for all the advice. One of the reasons I love PC so much is the help the veterans are willing to give. I aspire to not always be looking up from the standings and power rankings.

Re: Consistently losing in all leag

Playing somebody at their secondary is not a very good option....and will cost you more that it will benifit..

I meant don't play players out of position, or at their secondary position, you should only do so in very rare occasion, defense is very important in this game... and most owner will ignore it, it will help you to distanciate you from the other teams..

It will make your pitching better also.....

At the end of the road, you need to score more runs that you are allowing, so it translate into a positive winning record... that 's why focusing on pitching and defense first is more important...

Re: Re: Consistently losing in all leag

I agree totally. It's unfortunate I'm leading in errors. I was advised to play Molitor at 3B over Lansford, even though 3B is Molitors 2nd pos. and Lansfords 1st. I NEEDED to play Delanty at 1st in order to get him in line up. 5 good OFs is tough.

Re: Re: Consistently losing in all leag

There is no such word as "Distanciate" Differentiate, is the word you are looking for

Re: Consistently losing in all leag

I am better at giving out french classes, sorry about that...english is my second language...

maybe if I spelled it distantiate instead, I just meant to keep at distance in the standings...

Re: Re: Consistently losing in all leag

To justify my point.....Pedro SHOULD be a stud. But 3 starts, 0-3, 11 plus ERA is such BS

Re: Consistently losing in all leag

PLP told you a main reason your 84 Rank Pedro is getting hammered. No defense. In fact, a negative defense around him.

Anyone who plays PC for awhile has great pitchers with great defenses behind them get shelled for several starts in a row. That's what simulation is about. Put a lousy defense behind an 84 Rank SP, and there is no surprise in your results.

Read and learn, or go your own way, but blaming the sim is like blaming an elephant for having a big nose.

Re: Consistently losing in all leag

Pedro is a stud, you should use is 2000 season... and put him 1st in your rotation...with is 0,74 whip,high k rate, low hit rate, there is no reason for him to be that bad, he will turn it around...

If your are sticking with Edgar at 3rd, a Dh with -1.4Dwar, you will not be successfull.... No reason for Chipper Jones to be on the bench with is .360+ avg, and great OBP,OPS and 1+ dwar... + switch hitting is also quite an important asset...

David Wright at 2nd is also not a viable option...

You are already carrying Pujols as a defensive liability, you don't need additional ones...

Good defense will also make your pitching better...

Puckett is useless, he doesn't even have a .600 ops in these league,

It is very important to look at stats accross league on the players card so you have an idea of how they perform...

Schilling and Lee are batting practice pitchers in these leagues

You should go with defense, you aint going to win with your offense, you will win with good pitching, solid defense and decent offense....speed also helps...

Thinking you are going to win with your hitting alone is the mistake all new owners are making...

As for looking for instant results, it's a long 162 games season, you need to set a proper lineup and time will take care of the rest...you will only need to look at your league once in a while...

Re: Re: Consistently losing in all leag

Also important, for the love of God man, switch Pedro to his 2000 season where he gets ranked 100... yes, 100, in All-Time Greats leagues (we're not even talking about 1970-present!). That .20 in WHIP and .15 in H/9 might not seem like much, but you have to think relative to all other players in the league... those 1970-Present lineups are loaded, just drooling over a 0.95 vs. a 0.74.. that's almost a 20% better chance of getting on base, if you think about it..

Re: Consistently losing in all leag

If anyone would like to audit any of my teams, I'd listen. I feel I understand most of the major concepts, but I struggle to play above .500.

Re: Re: Consistently losing in all leag

Hi J, i can help you out with league 105 best of 80''s.

You. have a nice little team there...

First off lets analyse your team rotation,

Your rotation is average, your rotation will not win it for you, but keep you in ball games...

I would put McCatty as 3rd starter there, Gura as a good season start but he is no more than a 5th starter...look at stats compare accross leagues....

Rotation should be

You should at least carry 6 pitchers in your bullpen, 5 relievers, an 1 sp that you put in long relief in your options. It is very important because he will prevent your relievers to be tired.

Your bullpen is below average, but you have M.Eichorn who is probably the best reliever in best of 80's because of it's outstanding stamina, You want him to pitch max amount innings.... don't put him as a closer, actually don't put any closer...but make sure Eichorn is in the 1st priority, he will throw at least 2 innings in every of is outings...

Re: Consistently losing in all leag

You have an outstanding offense potential
You have
Raines, Eric Davis, Kal Daniels and Jack Clark....

Dont let your season start baffle you...
When you look at compare accross leagues, Jack Clark has a .925 ops, wich is outstanding for a low hitting 80's...
Mc Griff as a below .700ops and he is not even hitting for a .200 avg... no reason for Jack Clark not playing every day, he should anchor your lineup as your cleanup hitter vs both righties and lefties, you have quite punch with
Daniels and Jack Clark Hitting back to Back.

Enough of Miguel Dilone, he is too much of a defensive liability, Willie Wilson has a great +2dwar, you wan't him in there in CF...Dilone will be very helpfull on the Bench as a pinch runner.

Re: Re: Consistently losing in all leag

OK, these all seem like good ideas. Will look into.

Re: Re: Consistently losing in all leag

There is Mark Langston and Jack Morris available in free agency, go and sign these guys, Langston should then either start 5th or be your long reliever.

You can let go Steve Rogers, he is useless, Jack Morris in the minor can be a good backup plan as a 5th starter....

Re: Consistently losing in all leag

Interesting ! Thanks for taking the time. I'll definitely check those pitchers.

Re: Consistently losing in all leag

Your offensive production will come from Raines, Davis,Daniels,and Clark, Fernandez, other postion players aren't going to be there for their bats... but they will surely be there for their gloves.

Switch Tony Pena season to 1984, +2.4 dwar and a + arm, is gold behind the plate, nobody will steal base off you.

Buddy Bell with is 1,2dwar is fine at 3rd, he is no George Brett, but don't expect a great bat, just solid defense.

No use for Reynolds to play there....

Re: Re: Consistently losing in all leag

My lineup would look like this:

1) Tim Raines LF (simply great)
2) Willie Wilson CF (speed and great defense)
3) Kal Daniels DH (one of theBest hitter of 80's league)
4) Jac k Clark 1b ( slug and obp)
5) Eric Davis RF (5tool outfielder)
6) Tony Fernandez SS (just Ok not great)
7) Buddy Bell 3b (fair hitting, good defense)
8) Jose Oquendo 2b (gold glove)
9)Tony Pena 1984 season, C (gold glove)

You have good speed, but don't steal at a too high of a rate, don't run on strong arms either, you wan't Raines on base when Daniels and Jack Clark smashes the ball for multi run HR's....

You only have defensive liability at 1b, which is Ok, you a lot of great defenders that will help your so so pitching.

Now let that lineup play, don't tweak your lineup for a while....let time do the job...

It doesnt matter if some players aren't performing, you will be able to slump bust one of them (hopefully Eric Davis or Jac k Clark are going to be availabe for it... they will then be on a tear).

Re: Consistently losing in all leag

Thanks, PL! I think I've picked up some good concepts here.

Re: Consistently losing in all leag

Another important thing is your bench...
It can win you a game here and there...
Having speed on the bench is great, for that extra base to tie the ballgame once in a while.

You also wan't a good pinch hitter to be set on for Pena or Oquendo, you don't wan't them at bat late in the 9th with the baees loaded, trailing by one...

switch Larry Herndon season to 1987, he will be you professional hitter coming from the bench in that spot...

You can also switch Renolds to it 1981 season, he woul be your utility man covering every infield position in case of injuries, and with is 8 speed he can also pinch run...

No room for McGriff as a 6th reliever SP being a long reliever is more important for saving your relievers arms....

You now have a lineup that don't carry any defensive liability, witch is very important...

Raines,Daniel,Davis,Clark will make you win with their bats,

Oquendo,Pena,Buddy Bell, Wilson,Fernandez will make you win with their gloves...

One thing I don't like is to tweak the ballparks effect, but it's now too late... These can more than often backfire if you have a bad or average rotation, etc... so it should almost be left at normal everytime...

Re: Consistently losing in all leagues!

I totally agree with you. I did so so for 2 years....now this year is ridiculous!!! I have had enough. One league i had 13 on slump buster!?!?! Are yiu serious.....wrote comkish about what a joke and noyhing.....im quiting all leagues when able

Re: Consistently losing in all leagues!

Nice try Steve, but I did respond to you. I just checked all of your current leagues. The league BA is over .250 on all but one which is .248. The runs per game are all over 4.7 per team. Those are totally normal numbers especially for ATG. It’s a zero sum game, pitchers need to have success too.

All teams are stacked in auto leagues so unluckiness can happen.

Re: Re: Consistently losing in all leag

"Nice try Steve" ? Sounds like a meme! Someone please make this trend...

Re: Re: Consistently losing in all leag

.477 in Auto leagues this season... probably not up to his expectations.

Just take your losses and move on, everyone has terrible seasons

Re: Consistently losing in all leagues!

It’s a good point. The best of us except those rare few who have studied pennant chase until their eyes bleed go through rough patches. We’ve all had terrible teams, we’ve all gone through droughts. I went through at least a year plus without a ring in an auto league.

Re: Re: Consistently losing in all leag

What type of league gives you the option to choose/change the player's year? That sounds awesome!

Re: Consistently losing in all leag

Any decade or period leagues. For example, if it's Best of 00's, you can choose any year for a player in that decade.

Re: Re: Consistently losing in all leag

Changing seasons isn't a pot of gold. Usually, the best season to use is the one PC has picked for the player.

Marginal improvements can help, for sure, but rare is the player who has a hidden season that will make a noticeable difference.

Re: Consistently losing in all leag

True that. But it gives you a better chance to build a team on say, speed and defense by taking a lower ranked year for certain players.

Re: Re: Consistently losing in all leag

Soo that is why i had 13 guys on slumbuster????? Yeah right...joke

Re: Consistently losing in all leag

You're leaving because one team struggled against the greatest pitchers of all time, and yet none of your current teams contain a single top-12 starting pitcher? No words.

Re: Consistently losing in all leag

Too bad for this horrid start. He's now 16-10, 3.17.
2nd wins, 1st CG, 1st SHO