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lots of newbie questions

lots of newbie questions

I am a newbie. I did search for the answer to these questions before posting this.

The endurance setting.

1. If I have a player with an endurance of 200 (Foxx), does that mean I could basically NEVER sub for him and he will never, in a 162 game season, be at greater risk for injury? (I understand he can still get injured, but I'm talking about his level of risk) In other words, in Foxx's case, if he never sits out a single inning, is his risk of injury in game 162 the same as in game 1?

2. Or if I chose to rest him every 20 games, would his risk go down, or be unaffected?


3. I read in one of the board posts to get a center fielder to play CF. So does the game track that? Or could you have 3 right fielders with good fielding numbers playing all 3 positions without penalty?

4. Conversely, do I get a boost from putting a CF in a corner? My team is starting 3 center fielders, but I wasn't sure if this has the same beneficial defensive impact in the sim that it would have in the real game.

5. Similarly, if I have 2 guys as backup infielders, and they have similar offensive and defensive stats, but one is (2B, IF) and the other is (SS, IF), in real baseball you would keep the one who is better at SS. Does the SIM consider this? What I'm saying is, a SS playing out of position at second or third base can generally do it better than a 2B playing out of position at SS or third base. So if the game thinks this too, then I should keep the (SS, IF) guy.

Re: lots of newbie questions

Doesn’t matter what game it is, same odds of getting hurt. No need to force rest him and in auto leagues EN doesn’t make them need rest anyway.

A player with position OF can play any OF position the same. It’s only custom leagues that use RF/CF/LF that make a difference. CF can play anywhere, LF/RF don’t play CF without penalty.

If a player is at secondary position they take .050 hit to fielding. So you’d almost always want the SS playing SS, not the guy with IF secondary.

Re: Re: lots of newbie questions

Adding to what Yankee said:

1. Yes, same risk, you do not have to sit him at all.

2. Risk not affected regardless of what you do.


3. If you play in leagues where OFs are listed as RF, LF, CF you do not want a RF or LF in CF unless you're okay with the penalty.

4. No real benefit unless all those CFs have good DWARs or FLD... it's the stats that matter.

5. Same as #4, the sim does not care that a SS is generally better than a 2B, the sim only cares about stats. Again, look at Dwar and FLD, don't worry about the primary position if you plan to play this player at a secondary spot.

Re: lots of newbie questions

Thanks a lot guys. Helpful info. So my drafting a whole outfield of CF was flawed, but that's alright, I'm learning. : - )