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What a fun squad..

What a fun squad..

I've built a good many Favorite Teams builds in my time here. Kind of a FaveTeamsaholic if you will..
And Ive been on a quest to win at least 1 ring with all 30 current franchises, along with whatever else I can think of to keep myself occupied..

But I dont think Ive ever had a more fun team than these 1880-90's old Baltimore Orioles (pre-cursor to the Yankees, but not considered their organization or Baltimore's in terms of record keeping..)
Loaded up with a few workhorses in the rotation, but rather porous pitchingwise, we took every supplemental RP we could land, loaded up on tons of speed, high AVG/OBP, moved back the fences to aid the weaker arms and capitalize on all the 2B's and 3B's and let the SP finish almost every start and hope to outslug/outswipe/outscore our opposition..
So far, in 123 games, we've already swiped 519 bases (!) on 681 attempts (76.2% success rate), attempting the extra bag an average of 5.5+ times per game. Theyve also completed 61 games as well, almost half..unheard of for one of my team builds. Lol

Thats what makes this site interesting, always trying to conjure up new ways to get the W.

Re: What a fun squad..

Damn, that's actually pretty impressive, Jay...