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Mookie Betts

Mookie Betts

Boy being from Boston I can tell you this sux, the red Sox HATE David Price SO MUCH that they basically gave Mookie Betts away just to get rid of Price.

I get that Alex Verdugo looks like he could be a nice player and Brusdar Graterol is a top prospect, but it's just not enough -it's a salary dump and "David Price, get off of my team, you're a cancer" move.

I don't know how much you guy's who aren't from Boston know about Price, but he is soft, a whiner, didn't know who Dennis Eckersley was, Stating famously " I should listen from some announcer who knows nothing about playing the game" about Eckersley after Eckersley called him out" and a real jerk, I for one am glad to see him go I just wish they could have dumped Jackie Bradley too, he fields like Darrin Erstad, and hits like garbage, and he's a jerk too.

But losing Mookie HURTS - This is like an NYCUBSFAN deal... LOL

Re: Mookie Betts

Go Blue !!!!!

- The "Bleedin' Blue" Shiek

Re: Mookie Betts

Price is an overrated jerk for sure. He was an ass in Tampa too.

Re: Re: Mookie Betts

lol the only person yankeebb hates more than price is maddon

Re: Mookie Betts

This is a super sad day as a BoSox fan. Just an atrocious deal by ownership, for nothing other than protecting their pockets from a tax they can easily afford. Mookie is a fan favorite and a terrific player. What a sorry day...

If Pedroia retires, I'm just going to have to re-watch the 2004 ALCS to get through this.