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I am so f-ing tired of getting beat by the likes of Cal Eldred, Rico Brogna, Phil Plantier, et. al. ... I do not even know why these guys are in a "Best of" league... their stats are all based on partial seasons and they never came close to duplicating it in a full season. The data is there... why perpetuate this fraud? They are not the players they are made out to be. I'm OK with guys like Brady Anderson -- at least he did it for a whole season, even though he never matched it again. But these guys that pitched 100 innings or got 200 AB? That's bogus. I know, I know... if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, but I guess I've never had the chance to pick one of them up.

Re: Frauds

You do understand the entire SIM is based on ratios, right ?

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I complained about the same thing when I first started - I didn't understand why a guy should be able to produce all season long when he only had limited at bats- my example was Matt Olson in 2017 - hit 24 HR's in 189 At bats- if you multiply that by 3 ( a fair chance that he would get that many at bats in PC) that means he would hit like 72 Hr's in a season, in a regular dimension park-

In a Big Boost park- with his 31 Fire rating, he can easily hit 90 - also back then you could stay on slump buster ALL Year - anyway, ya, low at bats are not a detriment, in fact in many cases it's why guys are on ATG's

It is what it is- just look for it when you draft because it matters - Oh and in my opinion, if guys with low at bat numbers would get injured - A LOT - that would even things up some - because it is really not right to assume they would continue at that same pace for an entire 162 game season - you also can't say they would not have BUT historically it just does not happen, and look at Matt Olson now - FEH

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This is exactly why I'm happy that a player like OF Dusty Rhodes (1954 Giants) is only ever eligible for Fav Teams leagues and custom leagues (if the commish decides to includes him in their player pool)

He had one halfway decent season in 1955, in addition to his extremely dominant 1954 season, but his career was mostly as a pinch hitter who only sporadically got opportunities to play regularly (as shown by the fact that his highest single season AB total was only 244 in 1956, he never had eclipsed 200 ABs in any other season in his career). Nevertheless, he's EXTREMELY brutal to face off against in a Fav Teams league if a San Francisco roster build includes 1954 and has him in that user's lineup

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Are these players really frauds? Or are they hidden gems? If I see a Branyan/O'Hearn type hit 50 bombs, it tells me there must be other guys out there who can do the same thing if you look hard enough. I don't mind this at all. In fact I like looking for those guys.

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The easy answer is that they are what they are- Do they belong in " All Time Greats" in my opinion - NO - If the name of those Leagues was " All Time Great Statistical Seasons on a pro rated basis" then they would be fine.

To lump a Matt Olson or Dusty Rhodes in with Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Rogers Hornsby or say Willie Mays would be kind of insulting.

However, the parameters of those leagues do include guys who had a masterful Season or a portion of a season which extrapolated over a complete season would be historic - the issue is assuming that they would compile those stats over a COMPLETE season- to lump them in with the players who actually DID compile ridiculous stats over a complete season is fraudulent, BUT part of those Leagues

A great example is Joe Horlen, lifetime 116-117 W-L record - played 12 years 1 time All Star - but in 1967 - the year of the Pitcher by the way - He compiled a 19-7 record with a 2.06 ERA and 0.953 Whip a magnificent season - a shining beacon in an otherwise boring and middling career.

But there he is with Pedro Martinez, Bob Gibson, Sandy Koufax, and Clayton Kershaw - At least Horlen did it over a complete Season -

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Yes, I know why they perform the way they do in this game. I was not asking WHY they perform so well, was I? I was questioning their inclusion in the player pool at all. And shouldn't the ratio include some sort of penalty if it is based on a small sample size (e.g. 1/3 of a season)?

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I can explain some of the original philosophy... I think this has become a bigger issue more recently as even more players are getting 400 ABs or less regularly, and homeruns have gone way up, resulting in these potential monsters... it's sort of like the "opener" issue I mentioned in a different thread. If I were to create PC v2.0 I would/will change the game to allow flexibility with pitchers and more thought into how to deal with guys who did not play full seasons.

But, as for the original reasoning.... the game has always been a single-season sim. Career stats just don't work for a stats-based sim. And Pennant Chase has always been stats-based (there are actually legal reasons why it has to be, in addition to the fact that I personally dislike games based on arbitrary ratings). Even trying to use a single-season career average, it's just not as enticing. So the "ATG" pool is really, All-Time Greatest Single Seasons. The other mantra I had when building this site was, "the stats are the stats, and we're not going to muddy the waters with anything else". So if a guy was a stud for 200 ABs, he's going to perform like a stud.

Eventually, EN came into play, and so injury chance is based off how many games the guy played. But Auto League injury rates are low in general, mostly because users HATED injuries. I learned that everyone is generally happier when their team doesn't get impacted by injury. :) Most of us want some injuries to add an element of strategy, but this is still a computer game, after all, and we can make it as fun or as frustrating as we want to.

I think baseball has evolved and the sophistication desired by users of Pennant Chase has evolved over the 12+ years PC has been around. So I am definitely considering future changes like the ones mentioned above.

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Perhaps the future might have "challenge" leagues where injuries and other more complex factors are integrated.

This continues to be an excellent site. I look forward to whatever you might have instore for the future.

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Part of the problem is people have too many teams to actually do any management - They want it to be like Ron Popeil's Oven- set it and forget it

No one likes to see their players get injured, but it is part of the game, I do think guys should only be able to be injured for as many games as they actually missed that year, so it could change drafting a bit, guys should be high risk, high reward or just high risk and end up, no reward-

You should be punished for trying to use a platoon player everyday, especially since PC does not base AVG on their real splits - a LH batter who faced only righties and hit for a high average will do so against lefties in the SIM as well because his average is his average and the fact he is facing a Lefty is not considered.

I get a laugh out of people saying they like the REALISM of the stats- they actually like the predictability of the stats and using loopholes and such to their advantage- They are just doing what is allowed but things CAN change - If you want realism deal with having Freddie Freeman on an absolute tear and getting hit by a pitch and breaking his wrist a few years ago -that's realism - in a bit of Irony, that injury made him BETTER on PC because his tear lasts all year, due to unrestricted usage

I don't even think using a guy as a DH should count as a day off either.

But not ALL leagues would have to be this way.