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Things We'd Like to See

Things We'd Like to See

A few things popped into my head all at once, so I'm just going to rattle them off. Just a few things I'd like to see after some time playing on the site.. I can't be the only one on a couple of 'em. In no particular order..

1. In Custom League Live Draft Rooms, currently you can only toggle between the Major League rosters of the clubs in your league, as well as your own. Thing is, while its certainly handy to see who you currently have in the big leagues, in many rookie drafts, you're building up your farm, planning how to fill future voids, it'd be mighty handy to be able to toggle over to your Minors as well. Without having to leave the Draft Room.

2. Adding 3 Runs as an option of when to pull a SP. I know I've owned a team or two with a ton of bullpen depth, and a very weak 5th SP.

3. Individual Runner Controls. Instead of setting one blanket rate for your 9 and up Speed guys, then your 7 or 8 Speed guys. Say you're running the old 'dual leadoff' lineup, with Speed at leadoff and 9th slots. Both are 9 Speeds. I may want my tablesetter running far more often than risking my 9 hole hitter getting caught, and leaving no one on base for the top of the order. The PH/Bunting page maybe ?

4. Individual Defensive Sub controls. Say I have an All-Time Twins team (I have one right now, so its an easy example), instead of one blanket setting, like "all defensive subs come in in the 9th, leading by 2 runs or less". Well if I have '69 Killebrew at 3B with his -2.0 dWAR, and '77 Bostock in LF (-0.33 I think?), maybe I want Corey Koskie and his 1.8 dWAR to come in in the 7th, but I don't want Tony Oliva coming in to spell Bostock until the 9th ?

There's more, but these were some of the first few that came to mind. Feel free to add to the discussion, or post some of your own ideas.

Re: Things We'd Like to See

Jay, you did a good job spelling out some details that would make a great sim game even better. The only one I don't agree with is having a "3 runs" option for SP. I think it would open up too many opportunities for GM's to build their whole strategies around weak SP and strong RPs which isn't very realistic historically, although in 2018, there were a couple of teams that did just that with their fifth "starter."

I do have one additional suggestion: Make the pennant chase players and stats more aligned with baseball-reference.com - the site that I think most of us use to research historical players. The biggest problem is that sometimes the names used on this site don't match up with the ones in baseball reference so it is extremely difficult to find the player you're looking for; which can be problematic in some league formats that use real stats for progressions. The other problem is that the real stats don't usually match up. For example, OB% can be fixed by adding the players' SF which currently don't figure into the PC equation. Pitching rate stats are often off because partial innings aren't calculated in the PC format whereas they are in baseball-reference. Although the change is usually small, it can be significant for players with limited AB or IP.

I realize that implementing this would require many man hours, which is why many wishes never become reality. I don't know enough about data entry to know if this was feasible, but is there a way for commissioners to make provisional changes to the database as they come across errors that would then only require approval from Guy to make it official? Or maybe even a committee designated for data entry/corrections? IDK, it's just an idea.
Thanks Guy for all you do to make this a wonderful site!

Re: Re: Things We'd Like to See

My short list is if your BA is less than .220 actual stats, before season starts, you are ineligible for Slump Bust.

Re: Things We'd Like to See

Custom Leagues:

1. In the Live Draft Room: Ideally, a time-stamp that posts with a selection, so that the information would be: Player, team, time selected. Live Drafts are, inevitably, a mess because nobody knows what time each selection was made. A time-stamp (even in the Draft Room chat box) would go a long way to make all Live Drafts more about enjoying the process than arguing about the time.

2. A Commissioner controlled "Non-Player Trade Chip." Meaning something the Commissioner can label and assign to a team that will be able to be traded like any player can, but will not be counted as part of the actual roster. With nearly all Custom Leagues having Draft Picks, Prospects, or Compensatory Picks (or all three) there is a need for the "Non-Player Trade Chip" in nearly every league. As it is now, trading draft picks and prospects, et. al requires numerous emails between GMs and from GMs to Commish. All time we could be spending earning money to donate to PC. Also, as it is now, traded picks or traded prospects do not show up in the Transaction History. A "Non-Player Trade Chip" would be right there, as part of the trade, for all our fans and rivals to see.

Re: Things We'd Like to See

I still have no idea why Rank is not determined with AVG/OBP/SLG.

Re: Re: Things We'd Like to See

For My League List design:

1.) Would love to see the javascript dropdown box used to hide the list of leagues where "You need to finish drafting these leagues." I do not need to finish drafting! They are all Daily Draft Leagues that need to fill or are currently drafting. I do not need to see this list every time I go to MLL. I will gladly click a dropdown box if I desperately need to see which leagues are waiting to fill or Quick Leagues in which I need to draft.

2.) The note that I have Credits for a Sandbox or a Custom League could be moved to the bottom of the screen. I know I have credits. That factoid doesn't have to have prime real estate on my MLL.


The tab at the top of the page that shows the most recent league visited is an Excellent add. Looks great and is very useful, to keep from having to scroll every time I go to (or go back to) my most frequently visited league.