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BBall Alpha Pre-Reg

BBall Alpha Pre-Reg

I believe I am ready to start taking pre-registration for participation in the Pennant Chase Basketball Alpha league. Here's the scoop:

1. PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE ME OR REPLY ON THIS THREAD - if you want to join, fill out this form:

1a. If you have questions, it's okay to message me, but I will ONLY consider people who fill out the form above.

2. This is an ALPHA league which means I expect lots of rough edges, possibly even completely broken elements or sim aspects. Don't join with the intent of being competitive or wanting to win, join only if you are interested in helping.

3 The size of the league is TBD - it will depend how many people are interested.

4. The pool of players is TBD. It will probably be an ATG pool, but ATG is also a weird pool to test a sim with, so I have not decided yet.

5. My goal is to be able to start the league by end of month or early May, but maybe sooner if I get enough time to finish a few things.