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Japanese Defense

Japanese Defense

Some of these guys have insane defense ratings. I just found this site and was wondering if it is worth it to use these guys even though offense is a little less.

Guess I'm just wondering how much defense effects the games?

Re: Japanese Defense

High Dwar numbers can have enormous impact on a pitching staff's effectiveness if the Dwar is at SS and CF. 2b and RF & LF are the next tier of positions where Dwar is very useful, with 3b and 1b the next tier.

Dwar will not make a terrible hitting team a winning team, but high Dwar at the right positions can certainly make a decent hitting team a playoff contender.

Takes experience to figure out whether a player's Dwar can offset his lack of hitting; even with experience, there is no easy-to-follow formula that will make decisions easy or obvious. The best GMs here are consistently playing with Dwar and hitting combinations to try to maximize wins.

Re: Japanese Defense

High Dwar at any position is a plus but I find mainly 1B, RF, LF, 3B, and C are positions you don't want to sacrifice too much offense for defense.
Dwar at SS and CF in my opinion are the most important by far. 2B is important too but in my opinion I find you can get away with a more average Dwar if he's a potent bat

Re: Re: Japanese Defense

But you also don't want defensive sieves out there either. Nothing can drag a team's defense down quicker than say, a '96 Sheffield and other -2.0+ dWAR guys in a corner OF position instead of DH'ng him. SS and CF are where you want to load up and maybe sacrifice some offense if you have it in the other 6 or 7 positions.