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Looking for Good Owners

Looking for Good Owners

World Series Quest 2032- We are in the World Series of our 2032 season. ARI, WAS are available

MLB- Road to Greatness 2028- We are in free agency after the 2028 season- OAK, SEA, WAS are available

2018 New Beginnings- This is a league that is restarting with 2018 stats when the real life season ends and guy up;oads the 2018 stats. Each team will have their rosters from the end of the real 2018 season. KC, PHI, SD, SF and TEX are available.

Grand Slam 2018- This is a league that is restarting as a 2018 league. All players from 2018 will be imported and teams will draft their players. COL,LAA, MIL, NYM, SF and STL are available.

Message me if interested in joining any of these leagues.