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Dear Custom League Commissioners

Dear Custom League Commissioners

Dear Custom League Commissioners,

1.) Clean up the league's Rules. Try to read your Rules as if you are someone who has never played in your league, since that is your main audience from this point forward.
1a.) Nobody cares what the original rule was, nobody cares when the rule was amended. All that matters is: What is the rule now? Take out all detritus so that someone joining the league doesn't have to run a mental obstacle course across the past versions of the rules to figure out WTF to do to try to succeed in the present rules. Examples always help.

Advantages: New GMs, who are already playing catch up, have a much better chance to be competitive.

2.) If you have a draft and Draft Picks in your league, PLEASE follow what the great yankeebb has done and make each team's Draft Picks into Players. Create the Draft Pick Players as UT (UT), give them stats to make them unusable on the field, and, voila, easy to trade, easy to assess Draft Picks. You may worry about Roster slots being taken up by the Draft Pick Players. So, increase the roster size. The advantages gained by having easy to trade Draft Picks far outweigh whatever negatives may occur by increasing roster size. Have prospects, too? Can't hurt to make Prospects into Players.

Advantages: A GM can easily assess his (and others') team and assets just by looking at the team page, instead of having to also look at the Home page to figure out whose draft picks belong to who. It is 1000x easier to trade Draft Picks, and there's no need for both teams to email the Commish when a Draft Pick is traded because the Draft Pick Player is right there, for all to see. And, the ease it creates in trading picks will, likely, spur trading activity in the league.

3.) Eliminate rules that spit in the face of Competitive Balance. Example: Knock it off with rewarding the best ballplayers for being the best players. And, stop rewarding the top GMs for being the top GMs. Giving All-Stars or MVPs or CYs "Fire Points" or other rewards just makes the strongest players stronger; eliminate all those rewards, or all that happens is the strongest players keep getting stronger, and, then, have an even better chance of again winning MVP or CY or All-Star. Competitive balance continues to get bent over and banged into oblivion.

Advantages: Instead of the strong getting stronger just for being the strong, everybody has equal rewards for winning, which is to say, "No reward for winning, other than a Champion Trophy."

4.) Please consider doing what the great krtyler11 has done at "Serie Nacional" and add the winning GMs name to the trophy. The amount of time each GM puts into a league, it surely doesn't hurt to have his/her user name with the trophy if he/she finally wins it all.

Re: Dear Custom League Commissioners

Thanks for these great suggestions, Raging. As a new Commish who hasn’t even got to a post-season in either of my leagues yet, I appreciate these very much. I especially like the one about trading draft picks, as I wanted to include that in my newest league but hadn’t really come up with a good strategy for it yet.

Re: Dear Custom League Commissioners

I only have one rebuttal. With the advent of rank, the draft pick players becomes a little harder to manage.

I only say this because stat levels are directly tied to rank, so having a bunch of players with rank 0 directly affects both the total stat levels and the overall stat levels for individual players across the league. The 0 rank players boost every other players rank up because they are soooo bad. This makes it harder for a new player to A) learn who is decent and who is masquerading as good, and B) what rank they feel is most important.

In the past I have done exactly what you said, making draft pick players for each team, but I think now it makes it a logistical problem.

Re: Re: Dear Custom League Commissioner

Good point, but before rank it was AVG and so the same issue was there.

I’m pretty sure I’m involved in complaint number 1 so I’m glad I was great again by number two.

Re: Dear Custom League Commissioner

I must say having draft picks as players is a fantastic idea as I just joined yankees league, the one Raningsol is referring to.

Since I like to rebuild teams I take over with draft picks I found this to be a great benefit and alot easier for a new owner coming into a league trying to compete.

I'm not sure I could of gotten 7 1st rd picks in the amount of time I did in a league where you have to message the owner everytime and type in the players involved..it definitely cuts down on the hassle

Re: Re: Dear Custom League Commissioner

Re: Draft Pick Players

Good point, Chubbach.

I was thinking giving the Draft Pick Players stats equivalent to a 50 Rank, making them 2 years-old, and setting their Progression to F.

Once every 25 or 26 seasons, their ages would have to be reset to 2.

They could be like canaries in the coal mine, too, if their stats don't change but their ranks climb to 60 in the next season, that is useful info.

Someday a cornball would put one in the line-up, but a small problem.

Re: Dear Custom League Commissioner

Ideally, a higher power could give us an option to remove any players from the calculations that go into the Rank of players in a league.

Then, Draft Pick Players could be opted out of the Rank calculations, but still be available for trading.

Re: Re: Dear Custom League Commissioner

Since the moment I came to PC, I've not been fond of draft picks as actual players. If you are an active commish, you don't NEED to have them. I've had drafts where guys have loaded up on up to 15 picks, and they never complained I cost them a deal or picks by not processing trades fast enough.

I just find it annoying having them included on the roster. They're not players. They're a concept, a reservation, until your choice makes them a reality.

Its great if you're hard to get a hold of. But just making the point that some DON'T want them in their leagues. It isn't that they haven't caught on, they just don't want to use them. And that's okay too. ;)

Re: Dear WM (Custom League Commissioner

Dear WM, An official request to put on "The List": Some mechanism that will allow Commissioners to assign Forthcoming, Unused Draft Picks to rosters.

As it is now, the only ways to trade a Draft Pick via the "Trade Center" are:
(A.) Via the "Provide an optional message..." or
(B.) The Commissioner has created "Draft Pick(s) as Players" as seen in the great yankee's premiere league:

Option (A.) above is worse for a few reasons:
1.) Without a "Draft Pick as Player" on a roster, a GM is forced to select an actual player from the Roster, otherwise the Trade Center will not allow a trade to be offered. Many times a GM doesn't have players that are either good enough to be worth acquiring or useless enough for the GM let them go (when the Draft Pick is the actual trade target). So, using the Trade Center becomes counterproductive, sloppy, or impossible. The "impossible" result then moves the trade negotiations to email... sloppy.

2.) If both GMs have players that can be included in the trade (when the Draft Pick is the actual target), an "optional message" must be attached to include the Draft Pick, and, then, a subsequent three or four emails must be sent to make the Commish aware of the Draft Pick inclusion & for the Commish to acknowledge the inclusion, etc. There's ALWAYS a case of one GM forgets to email the Commish about the trade, so more emails have to be sent to remind a GM to inform the Commish... it's just exponentially more fuss and muss and server load.

3.) Without a "Draft Pick as Player", when a Draft Pick is traded using the "Optional message" method, nothing shows up in the "Latest Transactions" announcements to show a Draft Pick was part of the trade. That leaves all Commishes to keep a running list on the Home Page of traded Draft Picks. Fine, but it's much more elegant and useful if the Draft Pick can be seen as part of the actual Transaction, for historical and informative purposes.

So, the request is to either:
[Alpha:] Make it so "Draft Picks as Players" can be opted out of the Rank calculations for a league, or
[Slater:] Make a more elegant solution that allows Draft Picks to be assigned to Rosters by the Commish so that said Draft Picks will populate with a roster's players in the Trade Center and, therefore, be available to be included in any trade, just as any player is.

Re: Re: Dear WM (Custom League Commissi

Ragingsol is 100% bang on. This would of been at the top of my wish list before if I thought of it..a change would definitely improve the custom leagues

Re: Dear WM (Custom League Commissi

I did the while draft pick card player for a few seasons but I kept running into 1 very big problem. Owners started abusing the extra roster slots by more players beyond the 40 man roster. It started becoming too much of a hassle to get owners to quit doing it

Re: Re: Dear WM (Custom League Commissi

I'll count Jason's comment as support for a higher power -- the Webmaster -- to put on "The List" a mechanism for Commishes to assign a team Draft Picks that, for ease of trading, will populate in the Trade Center, but will not affect Roster numbers or Rank numbers.

In a league I'm currently in, I am about to email the Commish to ask if he is going to make a list on the Home Page of the Draft Picks that just changed teams, so we can all see who now has what assets. We need a list because the Commish doesn't like the "Draft Picks as Players" mechanism, or I could just look at Rosters to see who has what.

There is more trade activity in one week in the great yankee's league than there is in a season in other Custom Leagues. yankee uses the "Draft Picks as Players" mechanism: Make something easier-to-do, GMs will do it more often.

Re: Dear WM (Custom League Commissi

My leagues (MLB Experiment, WAR Room) see plenty of picks traded without using this feature. So do many others..

Re: Re: Dear WM (Custom League Commissi

Prove it, Slater. I see no way to browse your leagues.

I'd love to see how much trade activity your league has, compared to the Real Deal.

Put up a link to your league so I can fact check your claim.

Re: Dear WM (Custom League Commissi

Don't worry, I spell out all transactions and picks.

Here's WAR Room..


Re: Re: Dear WM (Custom League Commissi

Here was last season's, along with a few 2016's in there:

DRAFT PICKS (All picks are 2015, unless noted.)

HOU 2nd -- MIA (C.Correa/G.Stanton)
WAS 1st -- LSV (via CHC)(J.Arrieta)
WAS 2016 1st -- ATL (via CHC)(R.Acuna/Schwarber)(J.Arrieta)
SEA 1st -- LSV (via CHC)(J.Hammel,J.Lester)
SEA 2nd -- CIN (J.Bruce)
SEA 2016 1st -- CIN (J.Bruce)
OAK 1st -- MIL (R.Braun/J.Reddick)
OAK 2nd -- ATL (S.Miller,R.Weber)
OAK 2016 2nd -- ATL (S.Miller,R.Weber)
LSV 2016 2nd -- CHC (P.Strop,D.Fowler)
LSV 2016 3rd -- CHC (P.Strop,D.Fowler)
NYY 1st -- STL (L.Lynn)
SDP 1st -- MIA (C.Capps)
SDP 2nd -- MIA (C.Capps)
SDP 3rd -- MIA (C.Capps)
SDP 4th -- MIA (C.Capps)
WAS 2nd -- LSV (D.Price)
WAS 3rd -- LSV (D.Price)
WAS 4th -- LSV (D.Price)
CHC 2nd -- ATL (via LSV)(R.Acuna/Schwarber)(K.Hendricks/K.Wright)
CHC 3rd -- LSV (K.Hendricks/K.Wright)
CHC 4th -- LSV (K.Hendricks/K.Wright)
NYY 2016 1st -- CIN (via CHC)(R.Iglesias)(Picks/Prospect)
CHC 1st -- MON (via NYY)(Picks/Prospect)
CHC 2016 2nd -- MON (via NYY)(Picks/Prospect)
CHC 2016 3rd -- MON (via NYY) (Picks/Prospect)
CHC 2016 4th -- MON (via NYY)(Picks/Prospect)
NYY 2016 2nd -- MON (M.Tanaka,M.Pineida)
NYY 2016 3rd -- MON (M.Tanaka,M.Pineida)
NYY 2016 4th -- MON (M.Tanaka,M.Pineida)
MON 1st -- NYY (M.Tanaka,M.Pineida)
MON 2016 3rd -- NYY (M.Tanaka,M.Pineida)
LAD 4th -- SEA (P.Rodriguez/J.Bruce)
CLE 2016 2nd -- NYY (D.Betances/C.Anderson)
LSV 2016 1st -- LAA (A.Heaney/J.Thompson)
LSV 2016 4th -- LAA (A.Heaney/J.Thompson)
CIN 2016 2nd -- ATL (E.Suarez/F.Freeman)
WAS 2016 2nd -- ATL (via LSV)(thru ATL)(A.Vizcaino/H.Alvarez) (D.Straily,D.Mendgen)(A.Simmons)
DET 2016 2nd -- MON (via CIN)(Y.Cespedes)(M.Fiers)
CHC 2016 1st -- ATL (R.Acuna/Schwarber)
CHC 2017 2nd -- ATL (via LSV)(thru ATL)(A.Vizcaino/H.Alvarez) (D.Straily,D.Mendgen)(R.Acuna/Schwarber)
MIA 2016 1st -- CWS (C.Sale/J.Bour)
MIA 2016 2nd -- CWS (C.Sale/J.Bour)
LSV 2017 3rd -- ATL (D.Straily,D.Mendgen)
TEX 2016 3rd -- ATL (J.Teheran)
MIA 2017 2nd -- TOR (J.Donaldson/G.Springer)
ARZ 2016 1st -- LAD (Z.Greinke/R.Ray)
LSV 2017 1st -- LAA (M.Trout/N.Mazara,A.Wood)
LSV 2017 2nd -- LAA (M.Trout/N.Mazara,A.Wood)
CIN 2017 2nd -- MON (Y.Cespedes)
MIL 2016 2nd -- CIN (J.Moscot)
WAS 2016 3rd -- ATL (J.Grilli)
BOS 2016 1st -- STL (J.Heyward,T.Lyons)
OAK 2016 3rd -- SEA (F.Hernandez,R.Cano)
OAK 2016 4th -- SEA (F.Hernandez,R.Cano)
OAK 2017 1st -- SEA (F.Hernandez,R.Cano)
OAK 2017 3rd -- SEA (F.Hernandez,R.Cano)

Re: Dear WM (Custom League Commissi

Phenomenal detail and league, Slater. You clearly do an outstanding job.

With all due respect, though, to your contention that a lot of traded picks happen, you show two years worth of trades and many on the list are actually one trade that had 3 or 4 draft picks included in the trade.

You have a total of about 30 actual trades in a 32 team league over 2 seasons.

The Real Deal, a 30 team league, had 23 in one off-season. And, those draft pick trades show up in "Latest Transactions" on the Home Page, and are embedded in the "Transactions" history, but your league's do neither. And, none of the GMs had to email the Commish or each other about the trades because it all happens out in the open, for all to see.

For a WebMaster who, I believe, is always looking for ways to lighten server load of leagues, and, hopefully, continuing to plan for the site to grow in users, making Draft Picks available for trade in the Trade Center would achieve both. And, more importantly, would make me happy.