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It Happens

It Happens

This is for all of the people who post about how unrealistic pc is with the high sb totals here and low this total there etc. Last night in real baseball Angel pitcher Patrick Sandoval entered the game with a carreer record of 3-13 and a 4 plus era. He pitched 8 1/3 no hit innings before the no hitter was broken up by Brent Rooker who entered the game with an .083 avg. This game is great thank you GB

Re: It Happens

I just want to correct the record (re Sandoval being a 4+ ERA guy). Dude is a stud. If he's not a top-30 starter yet, he should be knocking on the door soon. In addition to an excellent changeup, he added a wipeout slider and pairs those two with a plus fastball. I expect more outings like this from him in the future. His record sucks because managers always pull him after 5 innings or so, and it's just hard to get the win from that point of view. But I can see how his stats make him seem like a journeyman!

Re: Re: It Happens

Agree with you he strikes out a lot of guys and won loss record is subject to things beyond pitchers control usually. DeGrom prime example