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All Time Greats League

All Time Greats League

I am in League 123 ATG and it is waiting to fill, however, in another ATG League (#98) about half way through the season a bunch of players were added and all scooped up by 1 owner (which ruined that league as he ran away and hid from that point on)

Now League 123 those players have not been added to the pool yet but some teams have drafted, How does THAT work.. Will the same thing happen? If that league is dormant why are those players not added yet? adding them AFTER the fact is BAD.

Shouldn't a Player data Base update be automatically done BEFORE a League re-constitutes and not be changed part way into the season?

Re: All Time Greats League

The players have already been added - they were added to all leagues at once. Keep in mind 1970-present got a lot more players than ATG. So that may be why you are confused.

Adding players to all leagues at once is the only mechanism I have right now, so it’s just something we have to deal with. It’s only once a year typically and it’s usually only a couple players. This was a unique case where I was convinced to add a larger collection to 1970-present.

Re: Re: All Time Greats League

OK thanks Guy, I went back and found the guys, really couldn't remember all of the recent adds, but Snell was there and he was one