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Secret Code Exposed

Secret Code Exposed

We all know about the secret lines of code that exist in Pennant Chase, such as stringing a bunch of injuries together (especially on Josh's team), coming back from 3-0 deficits, and ensuring superhuman relievers pitch like bums, but despite believing all of them, I never felt I could actually prove one...until now!

Starting pitcher Burt Hooton was recently drafted in the second round of the Defunct Baseball League rookie draft, 21st of 40 overall, meaning he's middle of the pack. Despite his 54 rank, he caught fire and pitched a no-hitter in just his 4th career start. Surely this was not expected.

Upon googling Hooton for a nice homepage pic, I came across his wiki which noted the following:

"Hooton's career began auspiciously with a no-hitter in his fourth major league game..."

Auspiciously! No-hitter in 4th career MLB start and PC start? That's suspicious. Why was he on fire? Is that included in the secret, or is it straight written for a no-hitter? Alanis might call this ironic, but I call it deliberate!

Anyone else want to expose secret code?

Re: Secret Code Exposed

I was told by two other players that being an active donor to the site increases your chances of winning significantly. No way to prove it however.

Re: Secret Code Exposed

@Mahar I don't know who you heard that from, or if that was meant to be a joke, but I presume the innuendo there is that there is some logic or code written into the game to somehow benefit donors, and that's an uninformed lie.

I will swear on my only child's grave there has never been a line of code in this game to benefit donors. If that's not enough for people I don't know what is.

Quite often donors are also vets and highly experienced users of the site, which is why there may seem to be a correlation.

What drives me crazy about this accusation when it comes up is how uninformed it is. Donors contribute less than 5% of the site's revenue. There's no benefit for me to appease donors and piss-off non-donors. In fact, my goal is to have MORE people on the site, and if those people got here and always lost to donors, what good would that do me?

Anyway, rant over.

Re: Re: Secret Code Exposed

Ridiculous accusation! Uncalled for & just wrong!!!

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I started donating a little over a year ago. I won 9 custom and 2 auto league rings in baseball before I started donating. I started donating when I started running my own leagues. Hopefully you’re joking about this? If not, spend more time and get better at the game and you will win.
If you can’t win, ask around! There’s plenty of guys that will give you advice. Some good, some probably not so good! :)


Re: Secret Code Exposed

Wild Pitching in the winning Run in the 9th inning of the 7th Game of the World Series, with 2 outs, against Raginsol -

Or up by a run with 2 outs and bases empty bottom of the 9th - Next batter walks, then chopped in front of the Plate - Catcher can't find the Handle, No throw!! 1st and 2nd followed by a Mickey Mantle no doubter to win it by - of Course because it was Mantle- YankeeBB

or Gus Posting the Baseball card of your HOT Hitting player only to see your team go down in Flames in the World Series due to the Baseball Card Jinx -

But there simply is no code, it's just bad luck and it happens!

Re: Re: Secret Code Exposed

This site is, hands down, the best bargain at any price for any enterprise of its type. It requires financial input and countless uncompensated manhours to maintain, update and tweak in response to user feedback.

My thought is that those who understand all of the above and do the right thing by making a contribution do so with the realization that donating is its own reward. There are no other prizes offered other than bragging rights when one's teams excel and the right to curse bad fortune when, as in real life, one's teams underperform for reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with chicanery, the implementation of secret codes, or some Alex Jones-like notion of grand conspiracy.

Props to Gbacci with regrets that he should feel the need to defend the service he and his counterparts provide, not for profit, but out of love for games that play a vital part in our collective psyche.

Re: Secret Code Exposed

bahahahahahaahahahaa 😹😹😹

thats so stupid... i donated like 6 months ago and my team never wins... idk how anyone would think to start such rumors....

the picture jinx IS for real tho, and GusPC is a master at using it!!! thats what we should be talking about here.... got my eye on you Gus! you wont keep my Zoo down!!!


Re: Secret Code Exposed

This site is largely responsible for my not ending up in a psych ward while raising an autistic child through COVID quarantine. As a stay at home parent, I have the benefit of being able to pay rather close attention to my leagues.

I have won and lost leagues every way imaginable and never thought for a second that there was anything unethical written into the code. In fact, I think this site’s ability to balance expected player performance with a touch of unpredictability is remarkable.

If you stink, look at the top of the leaderboard, see how those guys construct their teams, and do what they do. Making baseless accusations, even in jest, is irresponsible.

Re: Re: Secret Code Exposed

I don't know Aly, some Owners could donate Thousands and Never win - As the Immortal Arnold "Red" Auerbach of the Boston Celtics used to say " You can't make Chicken Soup with Chicken Feathers"

Re: Secret Code Exposed

personally, I am ready and willing to buy the title a la the Million Dollar Man - after all, everyone has a price