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bot team

bot team

how can you tell if a team in your league is a bot? asking because i know there are some bot teams in my league and i am trying to offer a trade but have not gotten a response back, so i'm guessing this is a bot team

don't want to be wasting my time offering a trade to a bot team because i assume they can't trade

Re: bot team

Look for user names with "filler" or "dynasty" for the bot names. There are, however, many real users who respond and manage their teams with the same regularity as bot teams, so either way, you might be wasting your time with them.

Re: Re: bot team

ok, thank you!!!

Re: bot team

Also there's apparently some new bot owners that have come about as well, but as far as I can tell they use names such as, filler1, filler2, etc

Here's a message I got regarding a league I'm in:

Subject: Notice of Additional Bot Owners

Date: 8/17/2021 1:31 PM
To: skooler1
From: gbacci

Your league (Auto League 418 Deadball Era) has over six owners yet has failed to fill in over three weeks. Therefore, more bot owners are being added to this league. I realize it's less desirable to have many bot owners in a league, but I only consider deleting leagues if they have four or less owners. If you'd rather play in leagues with more human owners, you can always join a different league. I know people get attached to the leagues they are currently in, but in order to prevent leagues from remaining stuck for months, bot owners have become necessary. Please contact me with any questions or concerns!

Re: bot team

The league in question has the two default bots (filler and dynasty), but also now has two new bots as well: filler2 and filler8

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I even saw bots in a Fav Teams league - they were both Toronto.

- The Sheik

Re: bot team

I've also seen that myself in another Fav Teams league

They wouldn't happen to be named "Toronto Filljays", would they? Lol

Re: Re: bot team

I have always been highly for 2 bots team per league....But now 4...
This is a lot....

2 bots basically cleans up the garbage that is left in the auto draft...and nobody really wan't to pick 11 or 12...

Bu tnow these teams end up picking first in the supp draft...

So they pick off from users many good playerss left on the supp draft in first and sit them on the bench....


Bots should only be doing figuration in there and leave the good players for the other users...

But now, not only they take outstanding players in the supp draft to play them on the bench...

I use to be in 40 to 50 auto leagues at a time for more than 10 years now... but now I have drop them to 20 or so.... I have not join any new one in a so man y months...

I wen't to the list today. for the first time in a while... being in a crave to get in a lot of leagues.... just to see too many time consuming daily draft on top of the list..

So.. I backed off...

There is probably way to many leagues in the waiting list....espacially the time consuming daily drafts...

By nature.. al lot of people wan't quick results... I am one of those dumb people!!!! So I love the quick drafts quick fill leagues......

When there is too many candies in the candy store... people can't decide what they really wan't....

I suggest:

1- max 2 leagues per decade avalable in the waiting list/ one auto and one daily draft, or even only 1 per decade alternating from auto to daily draft....

2- no supp draft for Mister filler 1 filler 2 filler 4 or mr Dynasty.. let the users beneficiate from these players...and let dunasty and filler boys in their misery... ( This will also give a boost to new users who can compete and kick some bots ass.....and by the meantime help their game also...

3- I can live with 4 bots... as long as they are whip boys... and not stealing key players from users in leagues through the supp draft....

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I’m okay with the extra bot teams for daily draft- probably not as big a deal for those leagues. Those are the only autos I’ll play - daily draft, no keepers. Hopefully the new bot teams get some good names. Hershey Bears, Louisville Sluggers, New York Knights, etc. That would be cool.

Re: bot team

The four bots are fine with me. In the short term, it addresses the problem, which was needed. The long term solution is to merge leagues, but that's quite a bit harder.

For a non-keeper league, maybe some of them could simply be flagged for non-renewal. Those players would then naturally seek out other similar leagues. It's a shame to lose the continuity and history, but at least nobody is losing players.

Keeper leagues are harder. Nobody wants to lose players. As far as I can see, the only way to ensure fairness is to transfer individual players to similar leagues where no contract conflicts exist. And if you can't do that for every single active player in the league, then it's not really fair, so the league has to keep limping along.

"This league is slated for permanent closure within three days after the end of the postseason. You can transfer your contracts to similar League XXXX. Do you want to do that? Yes/No."

Like I said, harder. Probably too hard for the benefit and it won't work for every league.

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I don't wan't to criticize here.. I only wish to get leagues to fill quickly...

Like I said, I dropped leagues by more than 100% because they are just not filling..and I stop looking for them... I am almost on my way out of here because of low activity......

I play a lot of keepers league.... but I really don't mind to drop of my keepers league and play one year league.. as long as activity is there...

Such a shame because this site is a lot of fun... I gues it faces a huge challenge to get proper visibility....

Re: bot team

Not allowing the bots to select the players left in the supplemental draft seems like a bad idea to me- they are already bad teams what are they supposed to do become like a bye?

Why not just reduce the league size? That is prefer to having 4 horrible teams, that dilutes the skill set and cheapens rings

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1) If new users are getting beat up by bots.... I don't think they would stay too long on this site....

2) If a new user wins and gets a chance at competing for a playoffs spot and rings from the start... that helps a lot for their enjoyment of the site

3) You really wan't bots to win and compete for championships and rings????

5) If I have to compete vs bots... I prefer reaching for another game at one point...

4) I prefer users to beneficiate from players and yes if bots are in there.. I prefer they be the whip boys and not the new or inexperienced users...

5) Bots are basically picking players from the supp draf and they dropped them on their bench... Is that doing any good to anybody????

6) I prefer the game to be oriented towards pleasing users vs having bots winning rings and championships....

7) So basically bots can be used to enhance new users record and have them to have a chance to compete... and they will still get better with time anyway.... but without getting their legs cut short anyway....

8) I think a user will enjoy players from supp draft way more than a bot who has no feeling at all...

9) Basically leagues are not filling...and this is the main problem....

Re: bot team

I do like your numbering system, Plpl. lol
I'd blame it on you being Canadian, but that would paint me with the same brush!

Re: bot team

To be clear there is not less activity on Pennant Chase than normal times, it’s that we had a glut due to covid and now the only option is to wipe out the league or try to keep them going for people who want to stay in them due to keepers or history.

I thought I fixed the issue of bots not redoing their lineup after the supp draft. If that’s not true I can fix that but that’s still not going to make bot teams a threat to win a title.

Re: Re: bot team

As long as they're evenly distributed between divisions so that non-bot owners are equally impacted, I think bot teams are an acceptable alternative to having unfilled leagues languish indefinitely.

I also think the adjustments made a few months ago to make bot teams more competitive was well thought out and well-implemented. True, it's frustrating to lose to filler 'n dynasty crews, but wanting them to go back to being hapless rollovers in order to better one's chances of padding their winning percentage with hollow victories doesn't seem very sporting.

Re: bot team

I like the idea of bot teams being potentially as good as other teams. It’s a different challenge to try to beat a bot, but still an interesting challenge, like when Bobby Fischer went up against the computer in chess.

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When I was young, I feared that I would never become a professional baseball player because robots would, soon enough, play all professional sports and humans would be ousted. So, I gave up on my ballplaying dream. That's the only reason why I'm here with you nerds instead of hitting home runs in Comiskey.

I know bots are necessary to fill many leagues, but humans having the patience to wait for a league to fill with other humans would be a delightful, if not scandalous, alternative space-time continuum.

Re: bot team

I would have been the Red Sox 3B had it not been for bad coaching. I wasn't made to play other positions. At third ,all I had to do was block the ball. I didn't have to catch it or make the play. I was a Pete Rose type. Not talented but whatever it takes to win. The team already had a talented 3B so I didn't even make the team. Thus the sad end of a career that never had a chance

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I make the offers and find out soon enough which owners(actually very few) will respond. Also look for owners who are active as they are your potential partners. Do allow time for the owner to think about it. If they respond but don't accept the offer,it's a good sign you can trade with them down the road