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Needs to be looked at

Needs to be looked at

In the League below after 18 games the 2 "filler" teams are 1-15 and 3-13.

If there are going to be auto generated teams, which only happens when there are 10 out of 12 joined and an owner requests it, they HAVE to draft better, these teams are horrible.

Re: Needs to be looked at

I have to agree here, even tho I am 6-0 against said teams. I just am shocked at the teams and how the computer picked them.....There was more depth and better players they could have taken for sure.

Re: Re: Needs to be looked at

The problem I have is two-fold, yes, they need to be drafted at a higher level, and having both in the same division is not a good thing.

- The Sheik