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Commissioner Guide?

Commissioner Guide?

I just started a custom league. It's me and a few friends. Is there a guide for starting out?

How do I set it to auto-sim games? There are lots of options in the tools but I'm just not sure how to go about starting a league from scratch!


Re: Commissioner Guide?

Hi Mike -

There is a commissioner guide at the bottom of the first column under Commish Tools in your league.

Take a look at that, and then feel free to ask other questions here, the community is great about answering questions.

You cannot auto sim games in Custom Leagues... the commissioner has to trigger the sim, or allow users to also trigger sims in the League Settings page.

Re: Re: Commissioner Guide?

Thanks for the reply!

Is there a URL that sims? Anyway I could run my own cron job to do it? If not, I'll just update the guys and let them know. I'd just rather not have to sign in every single day to get games to be played.