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More Wish List items

More Wish List items

Like in many Customs, can't get your dose of Raging without getting a dose of Slater as well...

Some thoughts, a Dear Guy letter if you will. Lol

*Any chance we can get HR/AB listed as a Hitter Real Stat, even compiled., SLG tells us total bases per AB, but as a longtime PC user, I often calculate HR/AB for players who I may be bidding on, or drafting, and I know of a couple other owners who do it as well.

*Open the HR9 for pitchers discussion back up ? I know you've explained some of your reasoning in the past, Guy (I can't recall what was said though.), but with many new owners here, many other changes, its a frequent question from the mouths of both newbies and stat nuts alike.

*I'm going to force myself to send you that Individual DRS/DWAR primer I posted months ago that is long gone. It isn't perfect,and I'm not a coder, but I know its better than nothing...Which also jogs my brain, is there any way for you (content you deem qualifies) to "sticky" pertinent posts so that they DON'T turn to space dust after 90 days ?

*You know how on just about any fantasy sports site, all fantasy sports, have a "trade analyzer" or "comparative tool" allowing owners to compare two players or two groups of players?

I'm not suggesting a "trade analyzer" as I think anything that just used Rank to quickly make a judgement would be awfully misleading, as it wouldn't take so many variables into account, Is there any way to introduce a "comparative tool" where we could quickly look at two players head to head simultaneously? Like right now how you click on the players in a trade offered, and there's that snippet of their player card? Is it possible to have them both appear next to or atop one another for quick comparison ?

It'd be a little bit of a time saver in trade discussions, or other forms of acquisitions.

You'd punch both players in the designated search bar, and It would like like..,

Player Pos AVG OBP SLG OPS GM AB ....Prog RK

1B J.Jones L .000 .000 .000 .000 117 498 .... C 69

OF M.Smith R .000 .000 .000 .000 101 405 ..... A 74

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I like the comparison idea, good future enhancement.

I can mark a thread to not get deleted now, but I have not yet built a way to sticky it. But I can keep special threads around for searching on if needed.

HR/9 for pitchers, I do not have HRs allowed in the database of real life stats.

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Did you already add this, or did I just miss it before???

I now see the "Before Last Progression (9/1/2019)" on the player card and it shows me how the player progressed!

Did I miss it before or did you add it already? It's perfect!

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I’d like to see a badge show up in the auto league chat boxes when there’s a message there. Or maybe that already happens and I just haven’t seen one because nobody ever seems to chat in auto leagues. Too bad. Would be good to get to know some of your opponents and rivals in those leagues, I think.

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The Real Stats on a player's page for "Before Last Progression" is not new. The suggestion of adding a line that always shows a player's original Real Stats when entering the league would be new (and interesting and helpful).

And, Gus, Auto Leagues do not have a chat box.

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Raging, Autoleagues DO have a chat box. When I’m on an autoleague Page, and I click on chat box, it comes up with a separate chat box just for that league. I’ve posted in them to test it out and my posts are still there but are quite lonely. I don’t think most guys have figured this one out yet. I’m not usually the first one to figure things out but hey, there’s a first time for everything! Lol

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I see that now. New surprises. It is more of a chat pop-up (instead of chat box), that appears when clicking the Chat Now link (beside the talk bubble icon) at top of screen.

Interesting. Not many Autos I'm itching to chat in, but good to have.

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Ummm Gus, I think you forgot the part about you didn't get it at first either... I told you about it REMEMBER??????? 😁😋😂😂😂

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Lol Skooler.
I remember nothing.
I admit nothing.
Fake news.

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Name: skooler1
Cause of death: excessive laughter
Suspect of note: GusPC13


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Gus, I just responded in League 282. :) Never knew that was there.

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I notice that the sim routinely puts non catchers at the catcher position.anywaythis can be fixed?other than not allowing your c to be subbed for

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I've seen that when I'm batting in the 9th, when I'm down. Unfortunately, I've never noticed that I've come back to take the lead so haven't seen how the field would look if I tied or took the lead.

Do you see the non-catcher playing catcher in your defensive half of an inning?

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If you don't carry more than 2 catchers AND allow the starter to be Pinch Hit for, than after that inning he will be replaced by your back-up catcher, UNLESS your back up Catcher is the DH. DH's do NOT leave that slot to field, they can only be PH for.

AND if you allow the back up catcher to be replaced, and you are not carrying 3 catchers you can end up with a non-catcher catching, in which case, if the other team gets on base they steal at will, and you lose because you are lacking in managerial skills,

Guy actually improved this a while ago, it USED to be that if your catcher was the 2nd guy PH for in an inning you could end up with a non catcher catching for 1/2 an inning.

The logic was - your 1B gets PH for, and then your catcher gets PH for in the same inning, 1st the Sim would look for a 1B - because he was PH for 1st - if your back up catcher was your only 1B than he would go to 1B and any position play would catch, at the end of that inning the back up Catcher would move to catcher and 1B would be manned either by the the guy who caught the last half of the inning or a bench player or defensive shift would be made.

Not any more - it is resolved correctly now Thanks Guy!

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‘I notice that the sim routinely puts non catchers at the catcher position’

It’s definitely not routine and has everything to do with how you set up your team. If you have no backup catcher avail PC will not pitch hit or run for your starting catcher. See, it’s being smart to avoid the non catcher situation. The issue comes about if you have just one catcher who gets hurt or needs rest, PC has to put someone in there. EVERYONE should always have two catchers in majors.

Maybe you could show us some examples you had a non catcher recently. That always helps but I’m sure this is the scenario.