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Home/Away Line ups

Home/Away Line ups

Would it be possible to add a Home and Away option for our Left and Right pitching options? so essentially 4 lineups. There are some players I would rather play at home only and then bench on the road.

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I would love for a 6 Speed not to be thrown out stealing 75% of the time....

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Why do you let a 6 speed steal if you know they only have a 25% success rate?

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What does that have to do with the home/away topic? Way to hijack the thread, Sin!!! Lol

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Simple Gus, it's simply another want! LOL and I DON'T let a 6 Speed steal, because they only have a 25% success rate

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@Vip - it's a good idea, sorry I have to respond to the thread hijacker... :)

@SCM - just did a quick query, across all auto leagues, and this is not broken down against strong-arm catchers OR steals of third base (which means it's going to skew as more caught stealing) all six speeds are stealing at a 49% success rate. When you factor in just second base and non strong-arms catchers, your odds are well above 50% if you're trying with a 6 speed.

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First off it is better than a 25% success rate for a 6 speed, I'll admit that, BUT most guys do not run on plus arms which skews the success % quite a bit.

How were you able to factor in the following into your numbers Guy?

What about guys who are getting stolen bases as the back end of a successful steal of 3rd Base? I don't imagine its a huge amount - but it is 100% and a non event when the lead runner is cut down.

Even More importantly what about bases stolen on Non Catchers? -

The team below went 43 and 26 in stolen base attempts -of those 43 Steals 10 were against Non Catchers - 3 times Non catchers caught would be stealers Blake, Philley, Moses that equals a 77% success rate against Non Catchers -they were all 5 or lower speeds so that's 13 of the 43 attempts

There is only 1) 6 Speed Glanville - he went 4 and 4 so a 50% success rate- that makes 17 of the 43 attempts leaving 26 -

so of my 7 speeds Bruton stole at 68% and Javier at 36% so combined the 7 speeds stole at 60%

their actual stats for that season ( From Baseball Reference)

Bruton stole 8 bases and was caught 6 times or 57%

Javier stole 26 bases and was caught 9 times or 74%

I only steal with 6 SP or higher and Shut down the run against Plus armed catchers
The only fair way to better accurately portray Stolen Bases is to add in the players Caught Stealing to form a success percentage and remove the ability to toggle off stealing, and also to factor in the catchers Caught stealing Percentage - I think the steal attempts should be tied to their OBP say times 1.3 to account for times they reach base which does not factor positively into OBP

But I don't know how the SIM would process it

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SCM yeah that's a good point - you're probably right then the back-end steals and steals against non-catchers balance out the teams that are trying to steal 3rd or ARE stealing against plus arms.... saying most people don't isn't necessarily true, remember there are a LOT of bot teams now, plus people who just don't change that setting.

Anyway, yeah, the big challenge here like we've discussed is that SB success rate just isn't a valid stat UNLESS we start restricting how often a player can steal. (And the argument that we don't do that with At Bats we've discussed before - it's not Apples to Apples....) So the guy who had a 67% rate on 14 attempts, that's fine, but then you're only going to be allowed to have him steal 14 times all season. Is that better? I don't know, I'm torn honestly. I think I've said before if I were rebuilding the sim from scratch I would probably build it that way, more akin to the real steal attempts by a player. A "PC 2.0" engine, that is probably how I'd do it. But even there, the problem is we don't manage the games, so we don't get to pick when we burn one of those 14 attempts.

BTW, I'd probably change at bat logic too... like if you had a guy who only batted 120 times in a season, once he goes over that, he starts getting penalized.

But again, these are things if I change them willy nilly, there would be a mutiny.

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the Stolen Base topic is always an interesting one, thanks for the comment and insight. However, I'd like to RE-HIJACK THE THREAD BACK to the original topic of Home/Road lineups.

It's a great Idea and I'd love to see it implemented as well. We spend so much time drafting/crafting/building teams for a park we play 81 home games in... would be awesome to make a lineup to enhance your ability to win there, while also making a different one in a park that may not suit you as much.

I have 0 control of what hand pitcher my opponent starts against me, but if you made this change I could attempt to have a lineup intended to fit that park, at least as best I can.

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That's a real good point that I never considered - if I have a big Boosted Home park I might want to change my lineup for a big disadvantage park

But would you steal more bases in a Big Disadvantage park as well?? LOL LOL

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Nicely done, Sin. Re-rehijacking the re-hijacked thread that you hijacked in the first place. I'm impressed. Now, do we need to talk about your obsession with stealing? Do you bring a big empty backpack with you to the mall at this time of year? Do you walk like a cat and wear all black? Do you have a set of lock-picks on you right now? Just wondering.

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Are you from Pittsburgh?