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Automated league keeper question

Automated league keeper question

Hey guys, I am new to the site. I joined an auto draft league and it says there are keepers. They league has a mix of players from the 2000's in it. Does this mean that if draft 2000 Pedro Martinez and I keep him,, the next season I would get the 2001 Pedro stats? That seems logical, but I cannot confirm that based on what I have seen on the website. Thanks in advance, and sorry if I missed the answer somewhere.

Re: Automated league keeper question

As you are in a Best of 2000s league, what that means is if you take a pitcher like Pedro Martinez, you can choose his stats from any individual season from 2000-2009, of which you should probably choose the 2000 version.

If you "keep" him for the next season, you get the same choice. You don't have to change stats.

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Re: Automated league keeper questio

One technical thing I would add --

If you keep the 2000 version of Pedro, you will not have the option of switching him to a different season -- he will be frozen in his 2000 version. (so don't try and keep him in a different year when the cost to keep him is cheaper -- you won't be able to switch it during the contract)