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97 rated free agent availabl game 122

97 rated free agent availabl game 122

I'm confused about this. It's game 122 of our season and I notice on the transactions page that a team just signed a pitcher rated a 97.
How is this possible? Do high rated players suddenly come up as free agents in quick draft leagues?

Re: 97 rated free agent avail game 122

My guess would be the player was out there with stats from a lower ranked season, and they got picked up then the season was changed to a better one.

I can see that player is on that same owner's team in a few other mid century leagues so it seems they are familiar with that player and realized they could change to a better season.

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That doesn't make sense though. The current season, 1956, is clearly Narleski’s best season. Why would he start at any season other than that and have to be changed?

Re: 97 rated free agent avail game

I was thinking maybe this player was picked up the previous season and changed to a year with poorer stats and then he just stayed that way for the next season.

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I dont play in any leagues where you can change season, but I thought Guy set it so they always start with their highest ranked season to avoid things like that, changing to bad stats so you can get them easier the next season. But clearly this player was not 97 rank in free agency 100 games in. Had to be a lower rank and then changed after pickup.

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They don’t necessarily start with the highest ranked season because the system doesn’t know which season would be their highest ranked without comparing every season against the entire player pool and that would not be feasible to do for all players when the league reboots. Therefore players are reset back to their most commonly used season, which is usually also their best season. But in this case it looks like Ray Narl is mostly being used with his less superior 1955 season. If the majority of people catch on and change him to 1956, that will become the season he gets reset to.

Re: 97 rated free agent availabl game 1

1. Why would anyone use the 1955 over 1956? Answer of course is that must be what it defaults to and people aren’t changing it. No one would actually choose it though.

2. I just browsed a random Mid Century league and I saw him in FA with his 1956 stats, but he’s listed as 15 rank. Maybe when he gets picked up his rank corrects itself. If people are searching by stats they’ll find him. If they’re only looking at rank (default order) he’s at the bottom with real good stats.

Re: 97 rated free agent availabl game 1

1. Yeah the mid century pool was created over 10 years ago. I can’t say why this particular guy got imported with this season. But I’m guessing it’s been that way from the start.

2. There are some cases where the rank might not get reset until next games are simmed. If the league is in offseason I can fix the ranks.

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Hey Guy, there is some players that were forgotten trough various mid century and other best of decade leagues..( very solid CF defenders for mid century...) and some pitchers also...

Every decade, I think the players pool can be upgraded... I will sort a list shortly of players that can be very valuable that were forgotten..

Re: 97 rated free agent availabl ga

@PLP that’s awesome. Especially with defense now mattering so much I think talent could be added in most leagues.