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Are players just as good defensively at their second position as they are at their first?

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Players lose .05% off their fielding percentage if played in their secondary position. A .970 fielder becomes a .920 fielder.

Their dWar, however, is not affected.

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If fielding percentage is dropped greatly then it’s not a good idea? How is dWAR figured anyway?

Re: Re: Defense

Any player put into a secondary position should have a strategic reason to be there. Depends on his hitting stats, for sure, and, also, on dWar. A high dWar player can be put into a secondary position with excellent results, since his dWar can save more hits than his fielding percentage will cost.

Strategy and production, that's the basis for all decisions, and putting a player at a secondary position can certainly improve some teams, if the personnel calls for it.

Many Custom Leagues allow a GM to switch a player's primary and secondary position.

dWar is not really figured out, as much as assigned. There's no easy formula for it.

In PC Auto Leagues, a player's dWar is identical to whatever his dWar is (for the season used) on A 1998 Barry Bonds in PC will have the exact dWar assigned to 1998 Barry Bonds.