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So, for C progressions - I know a young guy can get better or worse. Can an old guy ever get better - or only worse? And does the degree that he gets worse increase with age?

Re: Progressions

C progression guys will only get better, during a league's progression ages. Only U progression can get worse, until a player reaches the age when progressions stop.

Leagues' progression/regression ages are unique to a league. Some progress until 28, stay same from 29-31, regress from 32. Some leagues are progress until 28, start regressing at 29. There are other iterations, too, as each Commish can dictate ages of progression and regression. Progression/regression ages should be spelled out in the rules, but, often, the language used in rules is confusing or vague.

Knowing, for sure, the ages of progression, plateau, and regression are critical to long-term success in any Custom League. Contracts that sign a player past his useful ages are bad contracts.

Once a player starts to regress, there isn't a major escalation in regression as the seasons go by. An above-average player when regressions start will be useful for 1 or 2 seasons into regressions, but experience will tell you how much of a gamble it is to rely on regressing players.