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My first custom league

My first custom league


Just started my first Custom league, and would like to invite you to play!

I'm not an idiot, but I am a first time Commish, so be patient.

The league is named Baseball Bonanza!
Here's the link: https://www.pennantchase.com/lgHome..
Player choices are from the Deadball and ATG player pools.

Not sure if I have to invite you, so if I do, let me know... lol!

PS: Not a snowflake, can take constructive criticism from those who've got more experience. Key word, "constructive", lol!

Re: My first custom league

It would help to have rosters and rules available before trying to bring in owners.

Re: Re: My first custom league

Players are available, it's a Daily Draft type league.

As for rules, please elaborate. I have the settings as I want the league to run on the Commissioner settings.

The only rule I put in there was pretty straightforward, lol!

Re: My first custom league

Hey guys! If you've played custom leagues, please give mine a try.

Never done this before, been playing PC for over a year so not a complete noob, and I have a veteran of PC who's played since it started as Co-Commish.

Re: Re: My first custom league

I was looking in the Player Pool and there's a guy named Joe Mama?

Could not find him on Baseball reference... LOL

Re: My first custom league

Well, you know that whole thing about it being a new league and my first time as a Commish?

You didn't expect me to leave that "Create New Player" option alone, did you? LOL!!

There are 3 surprise players in the game. All good, but not the best.

Re: Re: My first custom league

so you still gotta create a format for your league so potential owners know what they're getting into. Have this listed on the home page and in a post on your forum thread.

What style of progression is it? This is important to know. Because if it's classic progression that means based on the age you set, players progress and regress accordingly. If it's real progression that means the players stats change with their historical levels year by year. If ther isn't any progression at all, that needs to be stated too.

These are just a few of the many details you have to decide so we know what we're in for. Some people don't like classic progression leagues and others don't like real progression leagues.

You would also have to determine how contracts and salary would work. Or decide if there were contracts at all.

Until you give us more details on what you plan to do with the league, people are less likely to just join straight away.

A lot of people here (myself included) would be willing to help you out or answer questions. Give you a quick rundown of the commish tools, etc.

Start flushing out your ideas on how you want your league to work and the people will come :)

Re: My first custom league

Fair enough, didn't know any of that!

I'll get to fleshing things out this afternoon. Thanks for the tips!

Re: My first custom league

As requested, I set up the rules.

If you need any more information, let me know.


Re: Re: My first custom league

Because I am new, I am also open for suggestions. Last thing I want to do is make a dud my first try..

Re: My first custom league


This custom league is intended to be for beginners of custom leagues. It is a step up from Automated, but not a full blown custom job.

Tried to set it up to be as easy to play for a Custom League.

So, if you ever wanted to try a league with Deadball through modern times players, HERE'S YOUR CHANCE!

Re: My first custom league

Just a quick heads up your rules say player pool is 1871 to 1918 (I think you wanted 2018 didn't you?)

Re: Re: My first custom league

DOH! Damn typos! Fixing it now! TY!

Re: My first custom league

No prob!

Re: My first custom league

hey im in

Re: Re: My first custom league

League already filled, frankly even the commish was surprised by how fast it was...