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PC Hoops Podcast 51 - Winners

PC Hoops Podcast 51 - Winners
Dalbpho8 and bdavids28 on some winners in PC Hoops.


Re: PC Hoops Podcast 51 - Winners

Great job guys, as always!!

No love for Kareem?? He was great in our rewind league!! One of the best!!
I feel like the PC Kareem in is similar to the PC Pete Rose.

Kareem’s rewind league accomplishments:
13 x All-Star
1974 Conference Champion w/Bucks
1976 Defensive Player  
1976 All-Star Game MVP  
1976 All-NBA Team  
1977 Defensive Player  
1977 All-Star Game MVP  
1977 All-NBA Team  
1978 **World Champion w/Bucks
1978 All-Star Game MVP  
1978 All-NBA Team  
1979 Conference Champ w/Bucks
1979 Defensive Player  
1979 All-NBA Team  
1980 All-NBA Team  
1981 All-NBA Team  
1983 “10th Anniversary Team”  
1986 All-Star Game MVP
1988 **World Champion w/Lakers

Re: Re: PC Hoops Podcast 51 - Winners

I just randomly listened to this. Naturally, my expectations were low.

It was GREAT! You guys are real stitches/had me in stitches. Would have listened for an hour. I love the insights, the crisp delivery, and the deadpan humor. Bravo!!

Re: Re: PC Hoops Podcast 51 - Winners

is that all he did? haha, in playground Carey Scurry eats him up