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Always in Strong Division

Always in Strong Division

I am new to this game so pardon the question if it is on the dumb side. I always seem to be in a hard division. Case in point, my Braves are the third best team in the league. But also the third best team in my division. I was just wondering how are the divisions put together? Is it by chance or some other Formula?


Re: Always in Strong Division

Divisions never change, meaning teams' divisions are never shuffled within a league.

In the Auto League you cite, for example, you will be in the same division as kingstreet for as many seasons as you play in that league. Or, until he or you quits the league.

When you join an Auto League, whatever team you are given is, essentially, random, in so far as you will be given whatever open slot is up next.

The only way to "control" which team and division you are assigned, is to browse a league beforehand and see which teams are open, and, then, after you join if you get assigned a tough division, quit and try again after someone else joins. So, no control about where you land, but control over whether you stay and play.

Re: Re: Always in Strong Division

It took me a few minutes to figure out what you said after going back and checking some of the leagues i joined that were not full yet. And then a light went on in my brain. I now understand. That really makes it more fun and gets you instant rivals like in real baseball. Once i join a league i do not plan on quitting. And kingstreet is one of the best and i have learned a lot from studying his teams. It would be nice if players would not quit each season, so we could keep it going without a delay. Thank you for answering my question.