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Fav Team Leagues

Fav Team Leagues

Are there any cool league formats (specifically Fav Teams style) out there? I'm in a private league that changes franchises every season so you're constantly able to build new rosters with different teams. I love that format. And keepers and progression doesn't really interest me as much. Anyone know of anything similar?

Re: Fav Team Leagues

Check out my Best of the Rest - BYOT.
It will be on hiatus until Fall 2021, but it will coincide with our every 12 season reboot.
2019, 2020, and 2021 stats will be added, as well as additional features currently not listed in the League, like park effects, and a possible change in usable franchises.

I know that doesn't help your fix right now. But down the line, it's been a highly competitive league.

Re: Re: Fav Team Leagues

Ah yes, that league looks like exactly what I'm looking for! If you have a waiting list for when you start back up, please pencil me in.