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Situational Stats

Situational Stats

I've followed with great interest the previous conversations about Fire, Slump Buster (SB), etc. I have a more basic question.

Does the Sim ever use the game situation or implied correlation to affect the outcome, other than Fire and SB?

For example, others have noted a "Mitch Williams" effect, where relievers periodically have meltdowns. Is the "Fire" variable discrete, or is it continuous, so that sometimes, relievers effectively have an "Ice" variable? Similarly, does the fact that a pitcher gave up a hit, affect the outcome with the next hitter?

Finally, the Sim reports statistics with runners in scoring position (RISP), which affects a "real" stat (RBI). Do hitters with more "real" RBIs per AB perform better with RISP?

I have no opinion on any of these topics--just curious how the game is played.

Re: Situational Stats

There’s no hidden variable/stat. Previous play doesn’t affect the next in any way. As for RBI, yes, more RBI means slightly better chance to drive in run.

Re: Situational Stats

To expand on what Yankee said, RBIs do have a small usage in regards to the depth of the ball driving a run in. In other words, Sammy Sosa more likely to drive a ball deeper than A slap hitter.

But like said in the last post there are no situational stats. I believe random numbers wind up creating those situational scenarios all on their own.

Re: Re: Situational Stats
If there WAS situational Stuff in there or like actual probabilities of everything a guy did in a season- I wouldn't to see the above player with his 2015 stats come up to the plate with a man on 1st too often..