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2020 Leaders

2020 Leaders

12/31 gbacci Announcements 6 0
While I think we're all psyched to say good bye to 2020, we can't forget to tip the cap to these users who topped the PC leaderboards:

The total auto league wins category was more competitive than ever, with many owners finishing with over 20,000 wins. Kingstreet held off Sheik with 25,339, with Sheik ending with 24,030. WorcWarrior ended with 23,822.

ClassicOs once again took the PCT award at .691, but he played many more games this year than last year, over 21,000 games!

HoopsPlayground was a new addition this year and Kingstreet took the wins with 3,242.

Jamin prevented ClassicOs from winning best PCT in both sports with his .805 PCT. ClassicOs finished at .792.