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MLB Experiment needs O's owner

MLB Experiment needs O's owner

The O's are primed for the future. All they need is the right ownership. Lots of cap, very young, and in a league with one new prospect per season, they've been awarded three, as well as a third stat (EN, FLD%, Stamina) boost.

They hold the #2 overall pick, nine altogether in the upcoming 2021 rookie draft (3-1st's, 2-2nd's, and 4-3rd's) and six in 2022 (2 of each round) .

If you're looking for stat monster free league. With proper stay leveling. And realism in terms of realistic dWARs league wide, speed is limited, and realistic modern SP stamina's, along with a very small percentage of 1.000 OPS/sub-1.00 WHIP players. Rookie deals, minor league keeper system, yearly international FA and a prospect for every club, Draft pick 'markers' for easy tracking and zero confusion.

Looking for a vet to help return these Birds to glory. We need one owner to start our off-season process. So far, only International FA were missed out on.

Check it out. Looking for experienced owner who will build these O's smarter for the future.