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Home Run Derby

Home Run Derby

It's Funny, of the 4 Major All Star Games Baseball has without a doubt the best game to watch -

Basketball's All Star Game is an atrocious defenseless self congratulatory mess that's unwatchable - Ditto with Hockey, you just cannot remove one of the most important parts of the game and expect it to be entertaining, it's just not

Football may be the worst, albeit with good reason, it's a brutal game and no one wants to risk serious injury in meaningless exhibition.

Baseball however does it RIGHT- The finest Pitchers against the hottest Hitters all trying to get their moment of glory on a National Stage - it's BY FAR the best All Star Game-

HOWEVER - the Home Run Derby is Horrible it's 2.5 Hours of Ooh's and Ah's to balls that are hit far but mean nothing except to screw up about 45% of the hitters who take part in it for the remainder of the Season

I'd much rather watch a Skills competition where say a batter hits fly balls to OF who then try to hit targets at various bases set ups like throwing out a Runner tagging up, Pitchers hitting targets - Hitters trying to hit Targets in the in the inField and Outfield on batted Balls.

Just one guys take but it looked like MLB did everything it could to give Pujols the Title, but he simply ran out of gas

Re: Home Run Derby

I totally agree except for the derby. I don't love it, but it is for me at least a little bit of baseball while surfing PC.
I do like the idea of some sort of skills comp.

Re: Home Run Derby

I enjoyed watching the derby. Silly that people think MLB wanted Pujols to win. Why would Schwarber agree to that? He just was off and was getting bad pitches (so was Soto). Rodriguez looked great and his pitcher was on target every time. But he looked tired at the end. Anyway, had it on while I was doing other stuff and it was fun to watch. Yes, it can mess up swings. And I kind of agree about baseball All Star game vs the others, though I usually don’t watch any of them.

Re: Home Run Derby

I love the HR derby, but I wish they’d do a bracket of retired players and a bracket of current stars. Champs of each bracket face off. Current stars would probably win 95% of finals, but who wouldn’t want to see Griffey Jr, Big Papi, Bonds, and others taking some swings!?!?

Re: Re: Home Run Derby

I enjoyed it - Rodriguez was out of his mind his 1st two rounds !!! Alonzo's act was getting a little stale - I was glad he got taken down. I was surprised that Soto took the whole thing.

- The Sheik