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I wish I'd never asked.

I wish I'd never asked.

After having one good draft in the new Quick Draft format, every single draft since then on the new format has netted a team made up mostly of players that nobody in their right mind would keep on their rosters.

It's great that the worst players are no longer in the draft pool, but getting all 40-60 ranked players only does one thing.

It makes Free Agency the most important 5 minutes of the entire season, because if you can't jump on FA as soon as game 6 plays, you might as well not even bother watching the progress of the team for the rest of the season.

Like I said in the title. I wish I'd never asked for the draft to be changed, if this is how it's going to go from here on out.

What I do know is this.
It's going to kill Quick Draft leagues and eventually the entire game if left the way it is now.

Thanks for trying to fix it, but WOW, it sucks.

Re: I wish I'd never asked.


Re: I wish I'd never asked.

Or maybe just figure it out and do better? You guys keep making gbacci change and then low and behold the grass isn't greener. I recommend giving it more of a chance. You already drove him to spend hours reworking it. It's kind of getting ridiculous. For the record I never wanted it to change, but maybe we just play the game presented to us instead of constantly demanding differences in how the game is structured.

Re: Re: I wish I'd never asked.

Lol, poor Mr Bacci

Re: I wish I'd never asked.

It's all because of the way the drafts are made, or being late for Free agency, or the way supp draft is set up,or ending in a hard division, or whatever the reason can be... but in the end some are going to adapt and some are going to blame the game eternally...strangely same folks are ending on the same side of hte barricade everytime...

Nothing to say againts new draft type, it helps for parity, in the end fine tuning makes the difference...you can still be late for FA, even miss supp draft, and it his still possible to succeed for some and not for others...

Re: Re: I wish I'd never asked.

if you want everything your way pay the 20$ and start your own league,otherwise,enjoy this great free game,

Re: I wish I'd never asked.

I have paid my $20, and honestly, I haven't seen a custom league I want to play in yet.

Re: Re: I wish I'd never asked.

Make your own.

Re: I wish I'd never asked.

Put that on the homepage.

Should be the most repeated reply over the years!

I’ve been wanting to say just that for so long, was always just too frustrated to suggest it so simply and clearly

Re: Re: I wish I'd never asked.

....what MrBubbles said

Re: I wish I'd never asked.

Whatever... I have ponied up my $20, and I remain unimpressed by the custom leagues, and being self-employed leaves me precious little time to run a custom league.

Re: I wish I'd never asked.

Respect to you Zeedood for admitting that you changed your opinion, not many would do that.

Just curious tho, 20$ is to run a league, I don’t think you have to pay just to play in the private leagues. It is a great donation tho 👍
...I may be wrong, I’m not a private league expert

Re: Re: I wish I'd never asked.

I ponied up the $20 because I enjoy the game, and I think gbacci's work should be rewarded.

My complaint is in no way bashing his work, because let's face it, it's the best ball game there is out there

I am frustrated at how there are many better picks that for some reason, never go in the draft. I think the new Quick Draft needs some fine tuning, not trashed and started over.

If we don't give feedback for discussion, how will gbacci know something might need tweaking, fixing, whatever, to make the game better?

Don't kill the messenger, I'm not sitting here spamming the message boards with useless drama like some people do far too often.

Re: I wish I'd never asked.

I have to agree with Zee on this.
At this point I need a whole new team.

I'm debating even keeping it. There were plenty of players I could have been offered than this. I kept Horlen so I'd have a middle to bottom slot pitcher. I never expected a 73 rank would be my so called ace.

If I don't do well in the sup draft, and I'm not there for the FA free for all it's going to be this teams last season and losing 100 games is not what I play for.

To all the crap slingers, try slinging your crap with this team.

Re: Re: I wish I'd never asked.

New rule: if you’re going to complain about the quick draft, post links to the other teams that are supposedly going to kick your butt. Every single time someone complains I go look at the other teams and almost every time I never see another team that is so obviously better.

This is what the quick draft is and always has been. It’s meant to disperse players, not give YOU all the good ones.

That said, there may be an issue with the SPs offered in the case of keeper leagues that I can look into.

But again today with some of these complaints, I go look at the other teams across the league, and they are all in the same boat.

If the concern is free agency and missing out, I understand. As you know I’ve been meaning to change that but haven’t had a chance to finish the work.

I do want feedback on the new system for sure. So I’m in no way trying to stifle that. But it has to come with an understanding of what the goal of the quick draft is.

Re: I wish I'd never asked.

So, I am going to make the point the other way. I dont have the auto experience that many of the long time vets do. But in my limited experience... 120+ games in this league linked above.. to have 9 teams within 9 games of each other... seems to be an improvement over many I have been in. For an evolving thing, I do think we are heading in a good direction. Time, patience, and continued donations will get us there.

Re: Re: I wish I'd never asked.

New draft type really changed the dynamic.

Not sure how a guy can end up with 4 cy young potential pitcher in a rotation without trades, getting one or 2 through supp draft or free agency...

in this case of best of 80's, a guy end's up with Perez,Higuera,Soto & Sid Fernandez and even a great 5th starter...

thats pretty much all she wrotes for the other teams in there...


Re: I wish I'd never asked.

Because he had keepers. He definitely should change Fernandezs year...not to help him.

Re: Re: I wish I'd never asked.


NOBODY is asking that they get all the good players. Well, I can't say nobody, because you've probably had someone complain that they didn't.

I DO like the Quick Draft better, and perhaps my title was a bit dramatic, but it could use some tweaking, and that's no disrespect to you intended whatsoever.
I'm just making an observation in the hopes of improving things. I'm not looking for handouts, just trying to help.
You addressed what was my concern, and said you're working on it.
I did not know that, or wouldn't have bothered you.
Thanks again for the great game!

Re: I wish I'd never asked.

No sarcasm, just really want an answer from Guy please.
Is the objective to have 12 relatively equal teams , even after free agency, no matter what the owners participation is?

No explanation needed, don’t want to take up more of your time , just a Y or N would suffice.

I won’t comment again on the matter, so I’ll add this now, if the answer is Yes, can you please think about adding some more Managing options. I’m sure you already have many in mind.

Thanks again for providing a great game and platform Guy!

Re: I wish I'd never asked.

plpl512 - am I the only one who wonders how kingstreet ALWAYS comes up with teams like this?

- The Sheik

Re: I wish I'd never asked.

Keepers are a bit of a different beast, and they do present a unique challenge in Quick Draft leagues. It's an ongoing battle to make it "ideal" in every scenario. Especially when it comes to Keeper leagues.

@Colin - the intent behind the Quick Draft was to find some kind of balance between fair teams coming out of the draft and variety/strategy coming into play when making selections. It's a super difficult balance to strike when you're trying to accommodate each team filling it's entire roster sequentially.

Re: Re: I wish I'd never asked.

Sheik, you are not the only one! How is he so good???

Re: I wish I'd never asked.

Could be a hacker?? lol

Re: Re: I wish I'd never asked.

Even with keepers, if you are protecting 2 great pitchers, the draft would normally send you some 3rd,4th and 5th starters to pick from...not the Soto,Fernandez etc...

Never seen some aces offered as 3rd or 4th, neither did I ever seen a solid 5th starter like Witt offered to me in any draft to fill that spot, keepers or not...

Even if he swaps Fernandez seasons around the one he selected, despite not being the optimal one is stil solid and worthed 88 in rank...as a 4th starter you can,T ask for any better....

Re: I wish I'd never asked.

Just joined a keeper league to see what the outcome would be.

11th into the league

Got Gibson 1st. 86

Clemens 68
Cicotte 67
Krause 67
Bender 65
White 65
Schmidt 64

Millwood 53
Perry 52
K.Brown 51
Drysdale 51
F Smith 51
Coombs 49

Candelaria 42
Fromme 42
Raymond 40
Maloney 39
Oswalt 39
Plank 39
( no era under 5)

Bunning 36
Newcombe 36
Dierker 35
Vaquez 35
Soto 34
Weimer 33
( 4 not played others high everything who did)

Pen pulled 2 decent one mediocre
F Rodreguez 41
Garber 38
S, Miller 35
Ward 35
Holland 33
Regan 33
(no era under 5)

Worthington 26
Orosco 25
Olson 24
Cordero 23
Radatz 23
Shaw 23
(no whip under 2)

The hitting wasn't the greatest but I could live with it for a season start.

It's the pitching Guy.

Now remember I'm 11th into the league, which I'm not staying in as I said an experiment. There are 7 SP in the 70's, 7 SP in the 80's and 2 90's. I wouldn't expect a 90 with Gibson but I could have been offered a 70s. There are 8 SP in the 60's. 11 SP in the 50's.

My point being is that there obviously 33 other SP to choose from instead of the 3 below 50.

I can live with an 80 or 90, a 70, a 60 a 60 and a 50 to start the season and there's plenty to go around.

Just trying to make a valid point here is all. I would be a new team going into a keeper league where some top players were kept. I'd already be at quite a disadvantage. Then I have to reconstruct a pitching staff to even stand a chance of finishing 500.
When I join a new keeper league, in my 1st season, I already know, I'm not going to make the playoffs (or rarely do). I'm essentially playing for next season or maybe even the season afterwards.

You have a great game here. I understand you're trying to tweak it to make it better and constructive criticism shouldn't be discounted or labasted. Logic and availability in the players pool says it could be better for everyone.

Re: Re: I wish I'd never asked.

What amazes me about this entire topic is how many people seem to have some delusion that I want, or anyone else wants, all the teams to come out the same, totally equal.

If that's your perception, I have a 3-word recommendation.

The ONLY thing that seems to be at issue here, is why craptastic players of low rank are offered in the draft, when there are literally more than enough players at whatever position for every team, and they don't come up in the draft.

Re: I wish I'd never asked.

I dunno if you tweaked anything Guy, this redraft wasn't some world-changing lineup that will echo through the ages and become some urban legend, but it's doable.

No complaints.
If you didn't tweak anything, well, there's some more data for you to work with.

Re: Re: I wish I'd never asked.

In the league in question after the supplemental draft.

Here's the breakdown of the teams now.
There are 3 teams that did not take part in supplemental draft.

# of pitchers 50 and up taken.
90+ - 5
80+ - 13
70+ - 18
60+ - 8
50+ - 10
Total 54

There are no 90-80-or 70 remaining.
7 each of 60+ and 50+

69 through 50 there are 14 left.

So there are 68 SP 50 over above.
5 x 12 is 60

Re: I wish I'd never asked.

Good info FPS!

Data like this is how a problem in a computer program gets diagnosed, and how minor issues get tweaked.