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Schedule Issue/"Doubling Up"

Schedule Issue/"Doubling Up"

Okay, I give up. Ready to rip my hair out because I know that commishes have carried out this type of scheduling..

I took over MLB 2021 ( a public league with a couple openings btw) a couple months ago, and its a league where both MLB and AAA affiliates exist. Its the only league of its kind where they play scheduled games in the same league. Kinda dumb, but I'm not sure I'll be running it beyond the interim of this season..

Here's my problem. I'm trying to import one MLB schedule for the MLB teams and another MLB schedule for the AAA Teams, with these teams being matched to the schedule of their parent club.

I imported 2018 MLB Schedule for MLB teams, then imported 2016 MLB schedule and matched it to AAA teams. But when I did that, the MLB scheduled teams were GONE.

So, I reimported the 2018 MLB Schedule for the big league clubs. There they were. BUT NOW THE AAA SCHEDULE (2016 MLB) WAS GONE !!

WTF ?!?!

Why is it erasing the whole other schedule when I try to 'stack them' aside each other and there is ZERO intersection of clubs in the scheduling ?

I've seen both schedules there simultaneously. I've added games to existing schedules all the time, ex: Arizona Fall League.. How can I 'save' the first schedule when importing the other ?

I'm missing something. Guy? Yankee? Someone?

Re: Schedule Issue/"Doubling Up"

Jay...you may be forgetting to remove the “remove existing schedule option”...

Re: Re: Schedule Issue/"Doubling Up"

Ah, there it is.. Above Option 1 to import from another league. Problem solved. I skimmed over it earlier.. Thanks buddy !