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PC (March) Madness Final Four

PC (March) Madness Final Four

The 2020 PC (March) Madness Final Four is under way!

goldencane14 (13th seed in South region) v. jaykuntz18 (3rd seed in West), and SamWhitworth (2nd seed in South) v. LeeJ (9th seed in North), One of these four GMs will be crowned the official PC Tournament Champion of The World.

Starting with 64 teams, these Final Four GM's have each had to win four seven-game series to get this far.

Follow the PC (March) Madness Final Four and Finals at:

For anyone new to PC, check out the players and stats to get a quick primer on which Real Stats can be valued highest. All 64 teams started with the same 60 players. The PC (March) Madness Tournament has, in a quantifiable way, shown how different players (and their Real Stats) perform.

Re: PC (March) Madness Final Four

Both Final Four series go to a Game 7.

The finals of the 2020 PC (March) Madness tournament, decided with the Final Four Game 7's today, will tip off Wednesday at 9 AM PST.

From the original field of 64 GMs, the four GMs playing for a trip to the Finals: goldencane14, SamWhitworth, jaykuntz18, and LeeJ.

Re: PC (March) Madness Final Four

Was certainly a blast to be a part of this phenomenal league concept, created by a phenomenal PC user. And absolutely shocked that I made it to the Elite 8 before being knocked out. Speaking of which, kudos to Samwhitworth for besting me in that series. I felt he deserves a shout out for beating me. Looking forward to another addition if this becomes a yearly thing, Sol! Lol

Re: PC (March) Madness Final Four

Kudos to Raginsol for organizing this! Please count me in for next year. It was a blast.

PC (March) Madness Finals

Thanks for the good words from several GMs. We had a stellar, engaged field.

SamWhitworth (2nd seed in South) vs. goldencane14 (13th seed in East) tip off today at 9 AM PST to decide the first official PC (March) Madness Tournament Champion of The World.

Tournament started with 64 GMs who had played, collectively, over 2.5 million PC games and won over 1600 PC Rings.

SamWhitworth and goldencane tournament facts:
Both teams went 20-9 on the way to winning five 7-game series to get to the Finals.

Both teams gave up exactly 114 runs in The Tournament, with goldencane scoring six more runs to lead the Run Differential and secure Home Field for the Finals.

goldencane / SamWhitworth
Team BA: .244 / .232
Team Dwar hits saved: 38 / 51
Home Runs: 60 / 51
ERA: 3.95 / 3.89
Ks: 245 / 264
WHIP 1.09 / 1.23

Top Hitter:
goldencane: RF(OF) Chennedy Carter (94 Rank) with a .311 BA, 10 HRs and 16 RBIs
SamWhitworth: SS(UT) Jalen Crutcher (46 Rank) with a .225 BA, 12 HRs and 26 RBIs

Top Pitchers:
SamWhitworth: Tyler Bey & Kerry Blackshear Jr. who went 5-0 and 6-0, respectively, with Bey having a 2.50 ERA, while Blackshear Jr. had a stellar 1.24 ERA and an incredible 0.69 WHIP.
goldencane: Tyler Bey, who went 5-0 with a 0.95 WHIP and 3.05 ERA.

PC (March) Madness Champion

Congratulations to goldencane14 for earning the title of Best PC Tournament Player in the world, by winning the 2020 PC (March) Madness tournament.

goldencane, a 13th seed in The Tournament, outlasted 63 other GMs to cut down the nets in the Bacci Center. Winning 6 straight seven-game series en route to the victory, goldencane had the ideal mix of timely hitting and timely pitching, as he made all the right moves to secure the championship trophy.

Thank you to all who participated. (Probably) see you in 2021!

Re: PC (March) Madness Champion

Well done! You put this fellow 13th seed to shame.

Re: PC (March) Madness Champion

Just want to give a big shoutout to raging for putting this together and giving something to look forward to in the last few weeks. And to Guy for making this site and continuing to put time and effort to improve the simming experience for us users.

I had a lot of balls bounce and fly my way throughout the matchups. I'll be back next year to defend the title!

Re: Re: PC (March) Madness Champion

So .... not sure why we’re rewarding Goldy as the champ here when he lost 18 games. EIGHTEEN GAMES!!!! I only lost 4 and I get NOTHING?!?!
Just kidding. Great job Goldy!!

Re: PC (March) Madness Champion

Gus, your coke bottle glasses need checked. goldencane only lost 9 games, total, while winning six different Best of 7 series.

GC would have had to win every series 4-3 to lose 18 games. Dramatic as that would have been, he actually went 24-9 in The Tournament. Now, he is legitimately the best in the world at PC Tournament baseball.

Re: Re: PC (March) Madness Champion

Lol. Fine. I misread your statement above when you said he won 6 straight 7 game series. Either way, a well earned victory. I’ll just be quiet here at the bottom of the heap! πŸ€­πŸ€πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

Re: PC (March) Madness Final Four

You causing trouble again Gus? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚