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Game Play question

Game Play question

Does PC intend to allow Intentional Walks from Leagues 2017 and 2018 Pitchers and forward not to waste 4 pitches?

Pretty big thing when an RP only has 25 Stamina

Re: Game Play question

Not to speak for Guy, but gameplay is same for all leagues, I’d be surprised if he was going to change the Auto League gameplay for best of 2017 and future, and he definitely couldn’t do it for custom leagues. Good point though. Rules are always changing, like possibly making RPs face at least 3 batters.

Re: Re: Game Play question

All things change, people may think it's a simple thing to implement, but having no idea myself how difficult it is to write code that is very specific, it might in fact be hard to do.

I am sure Guy will assess the time and effort required to do it, only 2 seasons are affected so its not a high priority, but you're right, the 3 batter minimum thing is also looming, as well as the extra roster spot, which should on paper be easy, but maybe not.