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Supplemental Draft order

Supplemental Draft order

Tried searching first, but did not find this on the first page of results.

Could the Supplemental Draft be changed to a snake order? The current system seems unfair as the same teams have the top few picks in each round. I am not sure how the initial order is determined but it seems like it ought to be reversed for the next round.

Other suggestion might be to only have 1 round of supplemental draft and then go to waivers after 7 games. Perhaps even stagger the waivers to every 3 games after that? This might give more time for the standings to balance out due to the impact of adding better players via waivers.

Thanks for this site. I have donated.

Re: Supplemental Draft order

The order of the supplemental draft is based off individual team strength after the initial draft - generally the 1st and 2nd spots in the supplemental go to owners who drafted 10th, 11th or 12th and had less good players to chose from.

If you have the 4th draft slot in the Supplemental and were like the 3rd owner to draft in that League- then like the Old Templar Knight in Indiana Jones and the last Crusade said - "You chose POORLY"

So NO, I don't think it should change, those teams are inherently weaker than the others and they should get a chance to close the gap a little.

Many times some owners forget to even rank for the Supplemental and you may only see 9 guys get taken in the 1st round.

The new system is far superior to the Free For All we used to have, I can remember lots of times when the Free For All came at 3 am Eastern time- By the time I woke up and logged on the cupboard was bare, that was way worse.

Re: Re: Supplemental Draft order

Thanks for the response. If the order is based on some objective ranking of team strength then that sounds reasonable. It was just not clear to me how the order was set. I am always near the bottom so I guess I have done a decent job drafting :)