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League joining question

League joining question

I noticed last night that one of my Leagues which had been stuck on 11 went to a full 12 - about 15 minutes later I went back to possibly start ranking in advance of the League starting, and it was BACK to 11

HOW is that possible? I thought once the 12th joined, it was Full and locked, you can't leave, in fact I myself joined a league about 3 weeks ago and became the 12 franchise, however my draft was SO bad, I quit it mid-draft (not something I like to do by the way) and tried to leave the League, it would not let me, so I finished drafting and am running that team.

How did the 12th person leave ???

Re: League joining question

There was a team that didn't complete their draft - they were kicked out after the 12th team entered.

- The Sheik

Re: Re: League joining question

Right, a person who was previously in the league who hasnt drafted will timeout once the league is full.