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Free online baseball sim game at Pennant Chase
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Free Online Baseball Sim Leagues

Welcome to, where the philosophy is to offer easy, accessible, fun and free baseball simulation. This isn’t fantasy baseball, but fans of fantasy baseball will surely dig it. Be the baseball manager of your own team in this great online baseball sim game!

  1. Sign up and join an available league
  2. Pick your team's players (no salary cap restrictions and no duplicate players on multiple teams!)
  3. Wait for the league to fill and let the games begin.
  4. Juggle your roster, make trades, manage your squad as you fight for a title
  5. Play in a variety of leagues featuring every era of baseball history.

Truly dedicated users can even run a private league using simple and powerful commissioner tools. The developer of this site has over a decade experience running his league online, inspired by the great PC simulators of the past like MicroLeague and Earl Weaver.

If you’ve paid to play in other online leagues, you’ll be amazed at what is offered here for free. Obviously, we can’t possibly offer everything the big corporate sites can, but we come pretty close, and actually exceed the competition in some areas. So jump in!

For more details, check out the features and FAQ.

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Auto League 509 All-Time Greats
Best of the Rest-BYOT
Best of the Best 1947-2018
Cooperstown Twelve—BYOT
Serie Nacional

User Auto League Wins This Year

trulaia     21,742
sheikyerboudi     20,914
alrosen     20,826
RichGibson     20,130
gibblets1973     15,150
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This is by far the best fantasy baseball site I've ever been to. It took me weeks to find a good one. When I found pennantchase, I was hooked immediately. I would definitely recommend this site to any baseball lover. - gr33nappleboy

I know it must take a whole lot of time to put this together and keep it updated. Really is awesome and the fact that it is free is beyond comprehension. Thanks for making one soul happy for a few minutes each day! - biggcommish

This is probably the best baseball sim site that I have seen. It is more user friendly & allows more user interaction than SIMDYNASTY or CSFBL. I congratulate you, sir. -nsj16

This really is the league that my friends and I would discuss as we played ball all summer long! All the heroes of the '80s, unbelievable! Thank you so much for all your hard work in putting this together and keeping it running! This is SO much better than fantasy baseball! The memories it brings back are priceless! - gashousegang34

Thanks man, you've got a great site here. It gives my father and I another thing to enjoy together. Very cool of you to offer it up for free. - smittyjones

Love the site very much!! You have created a daily habit that takes me away for an hour or so, from the business and worries of life!! Keep up the great work!! - ranger

This is one of the best sites I play on. I play in plenty of leagues, and despite being fun, its nearly impossible to keep the owners active. I also admire the fact that this is run by one person. Keep up the great work!!! -soriano261

I think you did a great job on this website... thanks for a great online baseball game. -bones13

I think this site is great and very simple to use. I like the setup. Also, I don't have to change pitchers constantly like many other sites. -rgilman57

I can't get enough of Pennant Chase. Best Baseball Simulation League game out there. Keep up the good work! - redsox10

Great site. This is truly the best simulation baseball site on the web, ever. Continue the good work and hopefully the site keeps on rolling. - wyldman95

I have played on numerous fantasy baseball sites - MLB, CBS, ESPN, pretty much any site on the web... and this is the best BY FAR. If you want to play with your favorite players, this site is head and shoulders ahead of the others, no competition! - SoxKidFan1

This is my favorite website. Wow, what a great job you have done. This site has a great community and it is the best, most realistic online baseball simulation game out there. Plus I'm thankful it's free! - habsco

I have been on this site for a few years now. There is truly nothing like it. Nothing remotely compares to this site. The community is phenomenal. The site is run extremely smoothly and well. Best site for avid baseball lovers. Hands down. - Pv3rdbase15

Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig
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