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Re: Astros-heavy ‘Favorites’ AutoLe

Sent:12/7/2018 9:22 AM
Category:New Leagues Forming
Subject:Re: Astros-heavy ‘Favorites’ AutoLe
No, Yankee, making a case for steroids would be trying to justify a 22 IP SP with a 3.8 H9.

Stating that turning a SP with a 7.0 H9 into a RP is the best move because he should have pitched 8 more innings that year is just plain well, ridiculous. And arbitrary at that. Why 85 IP ?

Stating that at least a third of teams are at a disadvantage is fact. You're in the BOTB's with us. I love what Bill and Joe are doing, love that they ask for input, its a step in the right direction.

Yes, theres many of us who do more with less. And that's fine. But ts time to start talking about how to fix things.. One franchise per league has already been shot down by Guy. But limiting HOU or BOS or CLE to 3 seasons would help.

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