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Re: Re: Astros-heavy ‘Favorites’ AutoLe

Sent:12/7/2018 1:43 PM
Category:New Leagues Forming
Subject:Re: Re: Astros-heavy ‘Favorites’ AutoLe
I like the questions you are asking G.

Expanding or contracting years sounds like a nice workaround. Being able to pick more than 4 years would be fun. Everything could be reevaluated after each season. A new year can improve the landscape for some teams.

The 'if you build it, they will come' moniker may ring true here. The more fun, engaging, competitive and realistic, the more people will want to play.

6 Astros teams in a 12 team league sounds like a custom league gone wrong, or a bug in the system, not a legit thing. Likewise there is probably at least 2-3 teams that are almost identical.

Sooo, if someone misses out on the Cubbies, well maybe there can be some kind of lottery where people can play their fav. team sometimes.

But every time? Nah. Doesn't that get old? Maybe if they never use the same year twice? Or same year combination? Now that would be an interesting wrinkle.

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