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Re: Astros-heavy ‘Favorites’ AutoLe

Sent:12/9/2018 7:49 AM
Category:New Leagues Forming
Subject:Re: Astros-heavy ‘Favorites’ AutoLe
If have to agree there.

An average Fave Tm league now ('65-'18) is like 3 Houstons, 2 Clevelands, 2 Bostons, 1 or 2 Yankees, an LA Dodgers, and two teams trying something with a "lesser franchise".

Nobody is asking for cupcake competition. Just for the Rays, Royals, Marlins, Blue Jays, etc to have a fighting chance.

Also, I do believe a solution to the loophole is some sort of sliding scale. Example:

SP with below 40 IP must still become RP.
SP with 41-60 IP must have a WHIP higher than 1.00
SP with 61-75IP must have a WHIP higher than 0.95
SP with 76-85IP must have a WHIP higher than 0.90

That way the "super lower IP" guys aren't human cheat codes, (30IP guys with 4.5 H/9 types) and some of these teams screwed hardest by the arbitrary 85 get just the equalizer they need to be.

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