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Re: Astros-heavy ‘Favorites’ AutoLe

Sent:12/7/2018 11:52 AM
Category:New Leagues Forming
Subject:Re: Astros-heavy ‘Favorites’ AutoLe
Part of the challenge here is that just continually reducing franchises to 3 years instead of four is a patch on a broken dam. The Astros only recently became a problem in the modern leagues. But that could keep happening with any team. (Webmaster dreams of a day White Sox minor league system produces such amazing studs that 11 of 12 teams in most Fav Teams Leagues are White Sox.... what? oh? sorry, back to reality...)

Here's what I know for sure: you can't just expand the number of years allowed for each franchise because it ultimately will result in the same problem. And you can't limit the number of dupe franchises because the leagues will never fill - people will wait for a new one to open so they can pounce on the Astros or Phillies or whatever and then everyone will be pissed they can't have the Astros and just not join. This 100% true, trust me on this.

BUT - there could be a workable combination of the above. For example, if you either increased or decreased the number of years allowed in such a way that it made more franchises competitive, people might not care so much that one particular franchise was taken.

Note, it's super easy for me to reduce years, but it's going to take more development effort to allow for more years. That said, if we were to restrict Fav Teams to one franchise per league, what would the magic number be that would entice you still want to join the league?

For example, if every franchise was limited to only 2 years, would that make everyone more competitive, or result in the same issue?

Likewise, if everyone was allowed say 6 years, what impact would that have?
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