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Re: Re: Astros-heavy ‘Favorites’ AutoLe

Sent:12/9/2018 7:56 AM
Category:New Leagues Forming
Subject:Re: Re: Astros-heavy ‘Favorites’ AutoLe
The franchise limit would definitely benefit owners who stay to redraft. Theyd have first crack at the franchise.

And may I add, giving every franchise the same number of years seems problematic too, six Yankee seasons still makes a mockery of six Tampa seasons. Giving Houston six seasons just lets them add J.R. Richard and Roger Clemens or Roy Oswalt. Tampa getting Snell, the best Price, Archer, Shieds seasons still isn't close to "even". Six Blue Jays seasons still won't equal six Boston's.

I agree that adding/subtracting years from teams is a temporary band-aid. Because the landscape can change in a season or two...but its a step in the right direction in acknowledging that all franchises are not created equal.
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