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MLB Career Stats
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New Rookies

2B Jerry Browne - suggested by therightprofile
OF Al Smith - suggested by therightprofile

Season 9 Draft Order

1. Chicago (AL)
2. Kansas City
3. Los Angeles (NL)
4. Washington
5. Miami
6. Cincinnati
7. Minnesota
8. Oakland
9. Cleveland
10. New York (AL)
11. San Francisco
12. Boston
13. Houston
14. Milwaukee
15. New York (NL)
16. Seattle
17. Philadelphia
18. Tampa Bay
19. Chicago (NL)
20. St. Louis
21. San Diego
22. Atlanta
23. Arizona
24. Detroit
25. Baltimore
26. Texas
27. Pittsburgh
28. Toronto
29. Colorado
30. Los Angeles (AL)

End of Season Tasks

Posted to Front Page as an FYI on my activities and progress as I seek to resume league play in early October 2016 (allowing time for normal "end of real MLB season" stat adjustments to active players in this league):

DONE-1. Schedule the Wild card games.
DONE-2. Put Free Agents who played at least 1 game on the End of Season Free Agents.
DONE-3. Archive Stats.
DONE-4. Take screen shot of standings and power rankings.
DONE-5. Award All-Star stars.
DONE-6. Award MVP and Cy Young awards, Batting Champs, etc.
DONE-7. Determine interleague record to determine World Series home field advantage.
DONE-8. Update Interleague play and All Star Game sections of League History
DONE-9. Copy team stats to my spreadsheet.
DONE-10. Copy player stats to my spreadsheet.
DONE-11. Simulate playoff games (schedule according to rules).
DONE-12. Look for record team winning/losing streaks.
DONE-13. Look for record games via box scores (no-hitters, runs, combined runs, etc).
DONE-14. Get manager choices for playoff series MVPs - update spreadsheet with playoff results.
DONE-15. Update Team History (Pt1) of Lg History (team regular season records, playoff record).
DONE-16. Update Awards section of League History.
DONE-17. Update All-Star Team Selections section of League History.
DONE-18. Delete All-Star player cards.
DONE-19. Update Single Season Team Hitting Records section of League History.
DONE-20. Update Single Season Team Pitching Records section of League History.
DONE-21. Update Overall League Totals and Averages section of League History.
DONE-22. Update Playoffs section of League History.
DONE-23. Clear Playoff Compiled Stats.
DONE-24. Put player cards thru the shredder looking for individual records.
DONE-25. Find ROY candidates and create a poll.
DONE-26. Remove Rookie tags from players who have exceeded Rookie limits.
DONE-27. Place ages on players with what their age is (or would have been) as of 12/31/16, to help me identify active players more easily (those with Age = 0). Max age = 99.
DONE-28. Clear Game Results.
DONE-29. Update Team History (Pt2).
DONE-30. Drawing to determine draft order.
31. Update active players with new career averages.
32. Obtain keepers from owners and new player submissions.
33. Put non-keepers back in Free Agent pool.
-----Put Season 8 Keepers back.
34. Open Draft Room and put a poll up for potential live-draft dates.
35. Execute Live Draft(s).
36. Create most recent MLB-based schedule (or re-use previous if applicable).
37. Determine postseason compiled stats for Seasons 1-8 - place Postseason Leaders on Lg History page.

Top performances/achievements from Season 8

Little-known Oyster Burns tied the single-game Hit Record
Spud Chandler (COL), Lefty Grove (BAL), Mike Mussina (MIN), Jeff Tesreau (DET), Luis Tiant (LAD)
Most IP in a game:
12.0 - George Bradley (TEX) - 3rd all-time
Consecutive Scoreless IP:
35.1 - Jeff Nelson (BAL) - Tied 2nd all-time
Hitting for the Cycle:
Barry Bonds (ARI), Al Rosen (PIT), Tris Speaker (TOR)
Consecutive Game Hitting Streak:
32 - Bill Dickey (ARI) - Tied 4th all-time
Consecutive Game OnBase Streak:
49 - Roger Connor (ARI) - Tied 5th all-time
49 - Manny Ramirez (SEA) - Tied 5th all-time
Consecutive Game RBI Streak:
11 - Lou Gehrig (BAL) - Tied 3rd all-time
Consecutive Game SB Streak:
10 - Willie Wilson (CHW) - 2nd all-time
9 - John McGraw (CHW) - Tied 3rd all-time
8 - Billy Hamilton (NYM) - Tied 5th all-time
Consecutive Game Run-Scoring Streak:
18 - Lou Gehrig (BAL) - new all-time record
Most Hits in a Game:
7 - Oyster Burns (CLE) - Tied all-time record
6 - John McGraw (CHW) - Tied 3rd all-time
Most HR in a game:
4 - Mark McGwire (SEA) - Tied all-time record
Most RBI in a game:
9 - Willie McCovey (LAA) - Tied all-time record
Most SB in a game:
6 - Willie Wilson (CHW) - Tied all-time record
5 - Harry Stovey (MIL) - Tied 3rd all-time

Notable Streaks being carried into Season 9:
R.Henderson (WAS) - 32 (OnBase)
A.Pujols (LAD) - 29 (OnBase)
F.McGriff (PIT) - 27 (OnBase)
F.Frisch (ATL) - 23 (OnBase)
HR Baker (COL) - 20 (Hit), 20 (OnBase)
B.Joyce (BOS) - 20 (OnBase)
P.Fielder (DET) - 16 (OnBase)
S.Thompson (DET) - 16 (OnBase)
D.Snider (ATL) - 15 (OnBase)
J.Bench (MIN) - 14 (OnBase)
R.Carew (MIA) - 14 (OnBase)
M.Vaughn (TB) - 14 (OnBase)
J.Fournier (TOR) - 13 (OnBase), 11 (Hit)
B.Giles (CHC) - 12 (OnBase)
L.Appling (LAD) - 10 (OnBase)
T.Gwynn (LAD) - 10 (OnBase), 10 (Hit)
T.Helton (TEX) - 10 (OnBase), 10 (Hit)
R.Hornsby (CIN) - 10 (OnBase), 10 (Hit)
J.Wetteland (DET) - 21.2 (IP)
C.Carroll (PHI) - 17.2 (IP)
R.Beck (PHI) - 16.1 (IP)
F.Rodriguez (LAA) - 15.2 (IP)
B.Kim (STL) - 13.2 (IP)
J.Berenguer (BAL) - 13.1 (IP)
H.Wilhelm (LAD) - 12.0 (IP)
G.Minton (STL) - 10.2 (IP)

League Chat Box


Baltimore wins the World Series

Baltimore defeated Atlanta 6-0 in Game 6 of the World Series to win the Season 8 Championship. Lefty Grove and John Franco combined on a 1-hit shutout to lead the team to victory.

Congrats to Doc on his 4th private league title!


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