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Liga Mexicana Del Pacifico 2012 - 2013
Los Mochis
Cd Obregón

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If this league is under construction, please post a status note on your league homepage or message board every couple weeks, otherwise you risk having your league deleted. If there appears to be no activity for several weeks, your league will most likey be removed. Thanks for your help.


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12/13/2013 Player Placed On Trade Block
Karim Garcia placed on trade block by Naranjeros Hermosillo
3/25/2013 Player Placed On Trade Block
Dennys Reyes placed on trade block by Naranjeros Hermosillo
7/24/2012 Player Dropped
Ryan Langerhans dropped by Mariners Seattle
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8/2/2015 Sensitive People.Sirtommyjwhalen
Okay, get ready for another classic Tommy rant.

FIRST OFF...Bbfan, we know you're 15 you mention it in every post. I find it hard to believe you are actually offended by the content and not the context. Anyone can be contextually offended, that just means you think it's bad because the subject is hard to justify as light hearted. I completely agree with that thought process and I once would have agreed. I've used the argument with Mcvn and Dwayne about malice in conversation, i believe it was during the first big brady fiasco. I don't think there is any malice behind a comment like that. You may not like it, or think it's cool but it doesn't mean you HAVE to be offended. Let's be honest, a few of you are YOUNG. I was the same way when i was your age: "Stand up for what is right, have a voice". I love the idea of you guys finding your own inner monologue but you are condemning him as an ass hole because you don't like the topic. NO ONE should like the topic, but that doesn't mean we cannot reference it. Ricky Gervaise said it best, we must make light of tragedy or it will always be that. Let's face it, there is no comedy without tragedy or vice versa. Try to see it as trying to take the power away from the extremely sad and awful thing.

With that being said I agree with a few of you on a lot of things. You absolutely need to have tact and decorum when you don't know your audience. I think he was just trying to make a statement to people who he sees as friends. We all have friends and uncles or whatever that say kinda over the line stuff but still love them. lol

WATCH THE ROAST OF JUSTIN BIEBER. Pete Davidon (Whose father was killed on 9/11) made a joke saying "I lost my dad on 9/11 justin, and I always regreted not having a dad until I met yours. Now i'm glad he's dead" and then "The cast of soul plane is here, you are all responsible for my worst memory involving planes"

That was hilarious. He is taking the power away. You don't always have to defend yourself from things people say and take it personally. We all experienced that day (well i think) and we all were hurt, but maybe there is a point when we don't let the simple context of a sentence involving September 11th , 2001 hurt us as much as it does. I hope that day comes and until then i hope we should be as progressive with our thoughts as we are with our actions.

Also, on the subject of porn (best transition ever.), my best friend phill had a barmitzvah and his cousin got him a hustler and when we opened it up it was like seeing an alien, very intimidating lol. I had to download ****tty pornos without seeing them, on limewire. Or watch the bad videos that came with playboy or hustler. You guys are lucky for that.

When you get older you will understand you are stronger than you think and you do not have to be hurt by everything. The world is an awful but also amazing place and someone making a joke, trying to lighten up a awful subject isn't as bad as you think...
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