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Auto League 184 All-Time Greats
Alley Oops
Trolley Dodgers
Sea Turtles
Truck Stop

Ford dominates, Kaisers win 1-0

Russ Ford was brilliant last night, allowing just 1 hit over 8 innings, leading the Kaisers to a 1-0 win over the Truck Stop. Claude Hendrix struckout 9 Prussian batters in the contest. | Box

Allen delivers in clutch, Sea Turtles win

Dick Allen drove in 4 runs, carrying Equitorial to a 6-2 victory over the Trolley Dodgers. Addie Joss was on fire, allowing just 3 hits over 9 innings for Equitorial. | Box

Martinez whiffs 9 in 9-1 win

Pedro Martinez struckout 9 Grass batters in a 9-1 win for the BBQ. | Box

Overall dominates, Loonies win 10-1

Orval Overall was brilliant last night, allowing just 4 hits over 9 innings, leading the Loonies to a 10-1 win over the Martians. | Box

Big game for Brett lifts Trolley Dodgers to victory

George Brett drove in 5 runs, carrying Brooklyn to a 9-5 victory over the Sea Turtles. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

B. Boone, BBQ .3162 HR9 RBI
T. Helton, Loonies .4212 HR6 RBI
M. Ott, BBQ .3002 HR7 RBI
B. Ruth, Trolley Dodgers .3501 HR7 RBI
C. Fielder, Arks .2733 HR4 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

T. Martinez, Arks 0 for 19 (.000)
W. McCovey, Wyverns 4 for 22 (.182)
H. Wagner, Hoppers 2 for 20 (.100)
L. Appling, Eels 2 for 19 (.105)
T. Lazzeri, Alley Oops 0 for 17 (.000)

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

B. Boone, BBQ .3162 HR9 RBI
T. Helton, Loonies .4212 HR6 RBI
M. Ott, BBQ .3002 HR7 RBI
B. Ruth, Trolley Dodgers .3501 HR7 RBI
C. Fielder, Arks .2733 HR4 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

T. Martinez, Arks 0 for 19 (.000)
W. McCovey, Wyverns 4 for 22 (.182)
H. Wagner, Hoppers 2 for 20 (.100)
L. Appling, Eels 2 for 19 (.105)
T. Lazzeri, Alley Oops 0 for 17 (.000)

Welcome to the Auto League

Auto Leagues are seasons that last about two months, with 2 or 3 sims per day. Since this league is run with essentially no commissioner, there is a trade limit and a supplemental draft after Game 3 (more info below). Please be reasonable with your transactions, and report any bad owners using the feedback form.

League Status: Season underway.
Owners Joined: 12 of 12
League Status:
Season underway.

Owners Joined:
12 of 12

You can draft your team as soon as you sign up! You will select one player from each positional group until you have 23 players. (The Draft link appears on the league homepage and your team page when you are signed in.)

The draft only represents a random subset of players available. Once the season begins, you can adjust your roster via free agency or trades. (You can carry up to 25 players on your major league roster.)

This is a Keeper League, which means you have $40 million to spend on keepers for next season. You must sign at least one player to a contract before the season ends, or you'll automatically be removed from the league after the World Series. Players under contract remain on their teams, all other players return to free agency for the next Auto Draft.

Supplemental Draft
Once the season begins, you can start ranking players for the supplemental draft, which takes place after Game 3. Please be sure to read the League Rules for further details!

When do games start?
After all teams have an owner and have drafted, the games will begin. You will get an email after the first game notifying you that the league has started. Free agency will open after the Supplemental Draft runs on Day 4.

What time are games played?
Barring any issues with the servers, games are auto-simmed 2 or 3 times a day, starting as early as 1:00am and ending as late as 11:00pm Pacific Time. Users can sim games from the My League List page every eight hours. This allows the league to keep moving if the server has issues or the participants in the league want to move the season along slightly faster than the auto sims allow. There will always be at least eight hours between games so managers can react if desired.

Can I customize my team?
Yes! You can change your team name, logo, and more via the "Owner Console" on your "My Team" page before the season begins and up until the 5th game of the season.

World Series and post-season
Division winners and one wild card reach the post-season. Owners can leave the league once their team is elimnated, or wait until the playoffs are over and re-draft the next season.

For more info, be sure to read the League Rules.

I'm always eager to here what you enjoy or think can be improved with the site, so stay in touch via the feedback form and follow site updates on the news & notes page.


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10/31/2014Martians @ LooniesWatch  Box
10/31/2014Alley Oops @ EelsWatch  Box
10/31/2014Truck Stop @ KaisersWatch  Box
10/31/2014Trolley Dodgers @ Sea Turt..Watch  Box
10/31/2014Hoppers @ BBQWatch  Box
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Latest Message
10/29/2014All-Star Selectionsgbacci
This season's all-stars have been selected. Click the link to find out who was honored.
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Latest Transactions
10/23/2014 Player Signed
Tom Hughes picked up by Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers
10/23/2014 Player Dropped
Frank Smith dropped by Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers
10/19/2014 Player Signed
Jason Schmidt picked up by Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers
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Latest Public Board Post
10/31/2014 Joe Maddoncubsfan
That is interesting. I'm sure players do like playing for him. Players do typically enjoy managers who don't set any rules.

I still haven't seen a good reason to fire Renteria other than "because Maddon is out there".

I remember listening to a Braves-Cubs game earlier in the year and Chip Caray and Joe Simpson were doing the broadcast(I'm in that viewing area so I have to listen to them when games not on WGN). They were discussing why they thought the Cubs have been so bad historically and Chip Caray made an interesting statement:

He said something to the effect "The Cubs haven't been bad because they have no talent, they've been bad because they never stick to a plan so they don't see the full potential of what they've got. Every time they set themselves up with a good base, instead of giving it time to grow, they always jump at something because of the "win now" appeal". I actually kind of agreed with that and I see it happening again here. The Cubs set themselves up with a great farm system, young players coupled with a young manager who seem to work very well together, and enough money to be able to fill the weaknesses with free agents. It all seems set up perfectly. Now Maddon becomes available and they're gonna dump Renteria ruining the chemistry of what they had set up. All because of this notion that Maddon's gonna wave a magic want and take them to the World Series.

I don't see the logic behind wanting Maddon because the "players love him" when you already have a manager the players love. Renteria does all the shifting and "genius moves" Maddon does. Renteria has show glimmers of creating a very good Cubs team and he's done it all without the bean-ball wars and crazy stuff Maddon does. Why bail on him after a year in which he has proven(IMO) he can be the one to take the Cubs where they want to go? Seems like we're chasing a bird in the bush while we have a very similar one in our hands.
Public Board

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